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SAFETY and JUSTICE -- 1997

101 Mintz Markets and Murders: Up/Down Year: Homicides Drop in Largest Cities:DC Bucks Trends
102 Editor DC Numbers to Watch in '97: DC Murder rate up, others down
112 Editor More Questions About Lorton
113 Thompson Crime Surges in Quiet Corner of DC (residents tempted to leave Tacoma Park)
118 Editor DC Concerns: Money...Crime and Punishment (keep fed pymt, comp sentencing)
118 Thomas-Lester DC Police Official Sues City, Soulsby over demotion
126 Thompson DC Police Lag in Hiring New Recruits(Beef-up plan behind schedule)
126 Harris Barry Proposes Fewer Officers for DC Police Department to balance budget
130 Thompson DC Corrections Plans to Send 1500 Lorton Prisoners to Ohio
131 Thompson Prison Privatization Called 'Grand Slam for Change in DC'
205 Locy Disabled DC Inmates Sue Corrections Dept (lack of ramps, access)
207 Casaneda Police Union to Call Again for Federal Help--DC Dept Demoralized by disdain
209 Vise/Thompson Senate Leader (Lott) Calls for Drastic Action on Violence in DC
211 Editor The Districts Public Safety Debate (stop finger-pointing)
215 Castaneda DC Crime Down, Barry Says--sees significant progress
219 Vise/Thompson Consultant Finds Barry Stifles Police--Recommends Shifting Power to Chief
220 Vise Barry to Cede Some Power Over Police
226 Harris/Vise No Death Penalty for DC , US Attny Holder Says--Would Abolish Parole
227 Duggan/Wheeler Officers Keep Low Profile after Shake-up--Wait and See
227 Thompson/Vise Soulsby Revamps Police: Top Brass Purged, 400 More Cops to Fight Viol Crime
MARCH, 1997
301 King The Chief on Top--and on the Spot (Barry vs Police Chief)
306 Mooar/Locy Lawsuit Says DC Misused Crime Funds--grant alleged misspent
307 Horwitz/Thompson 400 Officers to Hit Streets in Blitz on Crime in DC--targets seven neighborhoods
308 Miller 2 DC Police Officers Face Federal Drug Charges
308 Thompson DC Mayor Quietly Hires Police Policy Adviser
308 Horwitz+ DC Police Move to Fire Barry Friend
DC MD Law Agencies Join Forces Against Crime at Border
319 Harris Piles of Vandalized (parking) Meters Found in DC--suspect crime ring
319 Duggan Barry Friend to Retire from Force--police wanted to fire him
320 Vise DC Withdraws Prison Contract After Criticism from Control Board
323 Editor Escaping a Bad Prison Contract--another Barry bad deal
326 Editor A Mary Treadwell Replay?--Barry ex-wife--may be caught in fraud again
328 Lengel Bluer Line (Higher Police Profile) Makes Its DC Debut--worries some
APRIL, 1997
401 Thompson DC Houses New Worker in Luxury--corrections employee in $2500 apt
402 Mooar Corrections Chief Told to Pay Half Rent Bill
407 Loeb District Wants Relief from Cost of Court Orders--citing $454M Liability
409 Thompson Detail Failings of DC Police Dept--chronic problems of minimum level work
412 Editor DC Prisoners, DC Sentences--DC should not relinquish power
413 Thompson Crime Initiative Strains DC Justice System--scrambling to house new inmates
418 Thompson Panel to Review DC Police, NAACP Says--using activists, ex-officers
418 Powell DC Spent Victims Aid on Salaries--Program taken away from Human Services
422 Thompson Outcry, Suspicions Greet Barry Death Penalty Plan--for cop-killers
428 Williams Barry's Death Penalty Stand Puzzles Many--though 48% of blacks approve
MAY, 1997
505 Thompson DC Police Zero In on Petty Crime--Stirring Wave of Arrests and Complaints
506 Thompson Norton Seeks Extra Help for DC Police--broadening role of Federal Agencies' units
508 Harris/Thompson Death Penalty Favored in DC--polls show strong support among blacks
509 Locy IRS was Asked Not to Audit DC Officers--by US Prosecutors exploring fraud
510 Locy Many DC Officers Were Audited Eventually in Income Tax Case(filing false returns)
510 King Why Was Maurice Douglas (cop-killer) on the Streets?--Corrections Dept failures
518 Locy At DC Trial, Clients Praise Tax Preparer as hero--for falsifying taxes
520 Thompson (Police Chief) Soulsby to Beef Up Street Patrols Again--500 more officers, redistricting
521 Locy 68 DC Police Officers Audited, Penalized in Tax Case
527 Lengel Injuries Hit DC officers Doubly Hard--city's tardy payments harm officer's credit rating
530 Locy Man to Testify Against Barry Associate (lying about loan used for office bldg)
530 Cohen One Angry Man: Paul Butler wants black jurors to put race loyalty above law
JUNE, 1997
602 Loci Tax Case Witness Admits He Kew of False (income tax) Filings (by police)
602 Thomas Violent Crime Rate Drops 7 Percent Nationwide: DC too except murders up 10% here
604 Thompson On Clock in DC--On Job in VA: DC workers fixing Jail Administrator's $321K House
604 Harris DC Council Tries to Stop Police District Changes
605 Locy Mistrial Declared in Fraud Case Against DC Tax Preparer (for police)
609 Wheeler Police (Redistricting) Plan Disillusions Many in DC--residents react to surprise
610 Editor Overlooking Overtime: Blasting overtime in Corrections Dept--incl.workers on Sheldon House
612 Thompson Barry Criticizes Corrections Director (Moore) over Control of Overtime
612 Harris Barry to Seek New Chief Within Fire Department--(Otis Latin resigned)
626 Thompson Barry Expands Proposal for Death Penalty--to cover killers of safety workers
626 Thompson/Vise DC Police to Receive 10% Pay Raise--Control Board to shift revenues from fire department
JULY, 1997
703 Thompson DC Probe Finds False Time Sheets (unjustifiable overtime by corrections workers)
703 Locy DC Police Accused of Coverup (officers lying about fatal shooting)
704 Locy/Miller Coverup (by officers) in DC Shooting Began at Scene
712 Thompson Drug Use Appears Rife Among DC Prisoners (at DC jail, Lorton, and halfway houses)
713 Casteneda The Corner Store (DC has one of highest concentrations of liquor stores)
715 Editor Jails Without Walls (City's role in drug sales)
716 Miller DC Officer Pleads Guilty in Coverup (in fatal shooting)
718 Miller DC Told to Improve 911 System (get accessibility for the deaf)
719 Miller Female Assistant Named Interim Prosecutor for DC
720 Montgomery Weapon Study Details Arming of DC Youth (illegal traffickers channel guns)
724 Thompson DC to Close 2 of 3 Halfway Houses, Send Most Employees to Lorton
725 Vise DC Police Take Heat Over Closure Rates: Won't solve half of homicides committed in 1997
726 Locy Government Drops Charges Against DC Tax Preparer Popular with Police Officers
730 Pan Killings in DC, Pr George's at 10-Yr Low--police credit changes in tactics
731 None Barry Makes His Choice for New DC Fire Chief
731 Horwitz Plan Would Close Lorton Over 4 Years-abolish parole, impose stricter sentences
AUGUST, 1997
804MillerRescue Would Give DC Tougher Justice System--more time for inmates, less say for officials
811ThompsonDC Pays (hundreds of 2200 total) Guards Too Much Overtime, Critics Say
813Editor(DC) Corrections' Ill-Chosen Few--city officials share blame
815TorryCandidate Named to Succeed Holder--Norton calls (back female) Interior Official "Inspirational"
817BurleighForgotten Washington: Death and Life in a Neighborhood No One Really Sees (murder is Shaw)
821Thompson3 DC Officers Suspended in Beating Investigation, Sources Say
822MontgomeryA Crusade for Peace on Chaotic Streets--pastor tries to convert a few souls at nightly revivals in NE
825ThompsonProgress (more cops out) Problems (poor practices) Mark DC Police Overhaul--too much Booz-Allen?
826ThompsonYoung Blacks Entangled in Legal System--50% of 49000 in 18-35 age grp (accused, jailed, parole)
828PyattNegative Report (50% young blacks into crime) Creates Opportunity for Barry to Prove His Mettle
829RaspberryYoung Black Men in Trouble: result of "virtual conspiracy of (socioeconomic) circumstances"
829LocyCity Settles $8M Harassment Suit--adds inspector to settle suits at Corrections Dept
831EditorShameful State of Corrections: city has proven lack of mgmt skills to run big corrections institution
906KingDiana's Death--and Thousands' of Others:40,000 worldwide, 6000 in US die daily from neglect (?)
906OrdonezDC Police Sergeant Accused of Rape--woman says she was bound, beaten
910LotkeHow to Change the Statistics--50% involvement of black urban youth in justice system not unusual
911LoebControl Board Rebuffs Barry: DC Corrections Chief Appointed over Mayor's Sharp Objections
911ThompsonDC to Close (Medium Security Prison) at Lorton Complex, Transfer Inmates to Youngstown, Ohio
912ThompsonFor Reappointed DC Corrections Chief (Moore), Always Another Crisis: Barry says "utterly ineffective"
913LengelFor New DC Fire Chief (Edwards) Another Rescue Mission--Dept knee-deep in bad eqpt, low morale,etc.
914EditorGetting Away with Murder in DC--2000 unsolved cases since '87--closure rate down from 55% in '94 to 34%
914RezaOut of Sync: Curfew not answer to DC teenage crime--crimes not late at night, even against juveniles
916MillerDC Council Weighs Outside Police Review: retired judges would hear citizen complaints re brutality, etc.
917ThompsonHomicide Commander Dreher) Ousted by Soulsby for Low Closure Rate--witness intimidation cited
918Thompson17 Supervisors Removed from DC Homicide Unit--for variety of unprofessional abuses
919Thomas-Lester49 in DC Homicide Unit Failed to Solve Any '97 Cases--34% closure way below nat'l avg of 65%
921ThompsonDC Officials Suspect Police Overtime 'Scam'--12 detectives made $100K+ -- more than Soulsby
921SmithSentenced to Private Prison--DC inmates say they face abuse of rights at Ohio facility
922LoebRespected Judge (Ferren) DC's New Legal Voice (helped form ANC's) as DC corp counsel w/200 lwyrs
923EditorOn the Line for Unsolved Murders--Soulsby must bear responsibility too. Who's supervising now?
923SoulsbyA New Team for Homicide--outside experts found poor efficiency, outdated practices, abuses
925LoebTwo Justice Candidates (to serve as trustees of Corrections Dept) Meet Council, Mayor Barry
926MooarTwo DC Officers Say Whistleblowing Backfired--threats, intimidation follow "ratting" on Barry friend
927Powell/HorwitzControl Board, Soulsby Withhold Reports on Police (mismgmt,, incompetence) as "internal papers"
927KingThree Deaths in the District--instead of protesting, residents should focus on DC gov't failures
929EditorSecrecy That Harms--Control Board's reports on DC police failings belong in public domain
1001WilliamsDC Council Member (Evans) Rebuffs Colleagues' Effort to Join (Him at) Police Reform Hearings
1001Horwitz/Miller '(DC) Homicide Unit Ignored US Tips: Justice Dept suggested ways to solve 136 DC slayings
1003EditorWhat Else Is Under the Rug?--re DC Police Dept ignoring Justice Dept advice
1004Locy(Court-appointed) Monitor Cites 'Depravity' at Lorton--Receiver requested for Occoquan Prison
1004Thomas-LesterAnother DC Policeman Commits Suicide--second officer in two weeks to shoot himself
1005SanchezNation's Murder Rate at a Low, Other Serious Crimes Down--even in DC
1008Thompson(Influential) Critics Say (Chief) Soulsby Should Have Known--about poor police performance
1008Powell/HorwitzReports Detail Chaos in DC Police Dept--"almost overwhelming state of disrepair", say CB's Harlan
1009TwomeyThe Tragedy of a Troubled Police Force--part of the larger tragedy of the life of the city itself
1009PowellReports Critical of DC Police Jolt Officials--DC Council and House DC Committee members shocked
1011ThompsonPolice Captain Faults Soulsby on Overtime--Council told Control Bd knew of abuses months ago
1012ReidDC Roads Take a Turn for the Better--benefitting from $400M freed up from DC red tape
1014LiptonLorton Proposal (by Davis/Moran) Would Transfer (3200 acre) Site to Fairfax--for baseball stadium
1014FountainDC Police Investigating (14-min) Response in Assault
1015EditorWhy Is Chief Soulsby Still There?--conditions abysmal: why does Control Bd support Barry loyalist
1015Powell/MillerDC Crime Evidence Now in Doubt--Judge says reports of improper handling threaten cases
1015LengelPanel Hears Two Different (DC Felony) Sentencing Proposals--revamping closer to federal system
1015WheelerResidents Give Police Precinct a Helping Hand--donations help buld New DC Police Precinct
1015HorwitzDC Police Say Misclassified 911 Call in Assault Caused 14-Minute Delay-by dispatcher
1016StaffPolice Chief Bristles at (Washington Post) Suggestion He's a Barry Crony--claims he's not a puppet
1016StraussFor Students, More Chaos: with Bell still closed, classes are "a study in coping" (and walk-outs)
1019LoebReports Detail DC Govt Failings: Fire & Rescue serious structural/cultural problems, personnel burnout
1019MilloyThis Could Give DC a Good Name: bus riders chase, help capture bank robber
1021PowellDC Police Changes Should Start at Top, Specialists Say: problems rooted in culture & leadership
1021ThompsonAudit (Report) Says DC Corrections Dept in 'State of Emergency': major deficiencies throughout
1023ThompsonCity Leaders Tell How to Fix Police Dept--at 6-hr Control Bd hearing: Soulsby praised/criticized
1024ReidMetro Fires Five, Demotes Top Official--maintenance records falsified on 100's of escalators
1025HarlanWhy I (Control Bd, Vice-Chrmn) Support Chief Soulsby--performance and (early) results
1025StaffAn Exodus of Correctional Officers--closing plans lead to near-term staffing crisis
1025Pan/SpinnerPG County Fire Chief Resigns after TV Report--branded run-in with white police officer as racial
1027PanPolice Report Drop in Homicides in PG County (37%) and DC (27%)--down to 1987 levels
1027Thomas-LesterFBI Agents Seize Computer from DC Police Unit--part of probe of extortion against DC official
1027EditorMr. Harlan's Defense of the Chief--lacks leadership, sends terrible message to department
1031Thomas-LesterOfficers Complained about Equipment--police unit was warned computers could be misused
1101KingThe Looting of Lorton, and Other Crimes against DC: gotta get DC off its knees, fight back vs Congress
1103HorwitzDC Police Solving More Homicides: closure rates rise after unit's purge--greater teamwork credited
1105WilliamsSenate Committee Set to Vote on DC Death Penalty: city leaders and activists gear up to fight Hill
1105Thomas-LesterFBI Investigates Officer Accused of Misusing Police Funds held for informer rewards, witness protection
1111LengelLatest Tool for Car Thieves: Rogue Tow Truck Operators take maybe 25 of 800 dc cars stolen/month
1111Thomas-LesterFBI Searched Home of DC Police Official: corruption in special investigations unit
1116EditorMore Police Trouble:--extortion, now fund mishandling keeps embarrassing city humiliated by its officials
1118LiptonYouths Need Better Help, Fairfax Board told by community Initiative to Reduce Youth Violence
1125HorwitzDC Police Chief Weighs Resigning: dubious apartment lease shared with police officer under scrutiny
1125ThompsonDisclosures Prompt Review of Senior Officer Program--DC retirees return to work with pay and pensions
1126ViseControl Board (Harlan/Brimmer) Criticized for Remaining Loyal to Soulsby--somewhat hurt by support
1126Locy/ThompsonEmbattled DC Police Chief (Soulsby) Resigns--Apartment Roommate Accused of Extortion
1126EditorChief Soulsby Resigns--Council must recruit a permanent, highly regarded, Barry-free replacement
1126Struck/PowellBy Denying and Disavowing Troubles, Soulsby Brought HImself Down--co-opted by Barry
1126Horwitz/Powell24-Year Veteran (Proctor) is First Woman to Lead (DC Police) Force--others sought for permanent job
1127LocyLt. (Stowe) Allegedly Acted Alone, but officials examining what Soulsby knew or suspected of roommate
1127HorwitzFor Chief Soulsby, Tie of Friendship Unravels Career: Stowe charged with extortion, embezzlement
1129ThompsonPolice Chief of Nati'l Rank Sought--Barry, Bd to look for experienced black outsider for high profile job
1129KIngSo Long, Chief Soulsby--many too many unsolved murders, insider crimes, etc.
1130Powell/Locy/etcLt. Stowe's Sudden Fall from Grace: DC Officer allegedly had motive, means to blackmail gay men
1202Editor'Fairy Shaking' and DC Cops--Mayor et al gotta take this kind of squalid enterprise seriously, stop it
1203HorwitzDC Police Chief Still on Payroll Despite Resignation--plans to retire before new year
1205ViseNew Inspector General Reportedly Sought: DC Control Bd expected to reject Barry Nominee Thomas
1205ThompsonCommander of Stowe's Unit, 3 investigators transfered week after charges of extortion/embezzlement
1208MillerPanel to Detail Plan to Stiffen DC Sentences, decrease parole: decisions take effect Aug, 2000.
1208WilsonArea Police Vacancies Go Unfilled--strain greatest in suburbs--DC has 3653 police, 7 counties 5600
1210ThompsonDC Officers Got Overtime for NJ Trip--to security-check Newark Arpt for Barry arrival, bring bags home
1210Miller/LocySentencing Plan for DC Draws Fire--proposed terms too stiff, leaves parole board out of loop
1210LoebBarry, Evans Call for Independent Police Probe re extortion case: Barry sez serious credibility problem
1211LoebDC Officials Back Off Plan for Independent Police Probe--promising to recruit IG instead
1212EditorNow It's a Police Corruption Probe--gotta root out corruption, do diligent police work, raise confidence
1213KingWhile Police Away: security gig at Newark a farce, now ultimate burlesque: Barry hunting new chief
1213EditorClosing Parole's Revolving Door--supports trustee taking over Parole Bd and Pretrial Services
1213ThompsonDC Officer Says Brass Knew of Misconduct: widespread cronyism, retaliation, overtime, unauth searches
1216ThompsonCouncil Panel to Probe Allegations Against Police--including reports of overtime abuse
1217ThompsonOrder to Make NJ trip Becomes Whodunit as Barry, Police Differ--re picking up Barry at Newark Arpt.
1218ThompsonProsecutor (US Attorney) Wants Top Role Investigating DC Police, objects to Barry/Evans/Harlan IG plan
1220PowellDC Officials Blast US Attorney's Office--Norton, others call prosecutors 'lax' on City Corruption
1222HarrisPerilous Passage for Moms and Kids--Ft. DuPont Dwellings path to day care center unsafe
1227ThompsonPolice Chief's Job Could Be Hard Sell--DC power structure may deter charismatic, big city applicants
1227EditorWho's Investigating the Police--US Attorney to run criminal side, IG only 'inefficiencies', leave Barry out
1230Weil/HarrisTop Lawyer Named DC Inspector General--E.Barrett Prettyman, 72--lst DC Bar chief, etc.
1230SuroMajor Cities Show Drop in Homicides--DC down (301v397), PG down (81v134)--more cops, jailtime
1231Bowles/HarrisDC Inspector General Will Focus on Police (only)--will hold job only one year---work w/US Attorney


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