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SAFETY and JUSTICE -- 1998

103MillerReported Crimes in DC Decrease 19% in '97--belatedly reflects national trends--homicide down 24%
103EditorWhen Prosecutors Won't Prosecute--not following up WASA worker fraud, food stamp trafficking
106LocyEx-DC Officer Gets Probation for Lying--re accidental shooting of motorist he claimed was self-defense
107ThompsonDC Female Inmates Confront Separation From Family as Transfers Begin (to CT, TX)--most single moms
108ThompsonDC Prison Supervisor Reinstated--suspension evidence ruled insufficient--re overtime pay, bad actions
108LocyATF to Help DC Probe Arson Fires--city investigators to get training, trial assistance
110EditorCall This Justice? class-action sex harrassment suit protects workers against other court sentences
115Miler/LocyRooting Out Public Corruption a Top Priority for New US Attorney Wilma Lewis--to reach out to area activists
115StaffLawyer (Tuohey) to Lead DC Council Probe of Police--in addtion to DC IG, and US Attorney's office
116WilliamsDC Council Members (Evans, Patterson) Defend Independent Police Probe (for $490K) by Tuohey
123LocySoulsby Friend (Stowe) to Aid (Federal) Probe of DC Police; embezzlement, extortion, now wire fraud
124EditorA DC Police Probe Question: was Soulsby 'other person' in wire fraud re use of luxury apt for police 'sting'?
124EscobarDC's Effort to Rescue (Crime-ridden) Neighborhood (Petworth/Park View)--multi-agency task force used
124FernandezTrying to Keep DC Teens from Further Trouble--probation officers to team with police to find violators
125ThompsonDozens (40+) Seek Top DC Police Job--Some Decide Not to--Interim Chief Proctor, FBI official apply
126FernandezIn SE, Residents Cautiously Optimistic--some notice crime drop: homicides down from 396 to 301 in '97
126PanPolice Get Partial Credit for Steep Drop in Slayings: DC,301v396; PG,83v142; Fairfax, 16v14; MC, 22v13
130ThompsonDC Police Captain (Swope) Named Commander of Homicide Squad--no experience in homicide
131Thompson(Police) Officer Was Recalled (by Chief Proctor) While Traveling (to Mexico for vacation) with Barry
201ThompsonPanel Delivers Recommendations on Sentencing City's Violent Offenders--fixed terms, serve 85% time
206ThompsonBarry to Narrow Field of Police Chief Candidates--frm 49 to 10--will include outsiders as many want
208ThompsonPolice Task Force Closes Only 8 of 107 Old DC Killings--officials admit chances getting dimmer
214Thomas-LesterDC's Acting Police Chief Ousts 3 District Commanders --cites citizen dissatisfaction, perceived performance
215Howie (ltr)One Prison Too Many: Clarksburg activists oppose new 900-bed jail in Montgomery Coiunty as unneeded
217ThompsonBarry Demands Answers in Ouster of Police Commanders--community leaders angry
217ThompsonDC Lawmakers Join Protest of Ousting Police Cmdrs--Chavous, Thomas, etc. claim no good reason given
218EditorThe Ax-Wielding Interim Chief--Proctor's 'out-of-blue' decision needs to be explained to public
219Escobar/LoebInterim DC Police Chief Defends Dismissals--was told not to be 'caretaker'--claims 'we can do better'
220Thompson(Ward 7) Residents Lash Out at DC Police Chief--at SE Church Mtg--object to secrecy as unfair
221EditorThe Case of the Missing Car(s)--amazed that DC-impounded cars are vandalized, stolen
221ThompsonProctor, Ex-LA Chief Among 7 Finalists (of 49)--Proctor only insider, woman,-- incl. Oakland, Detroit, Portland
221KingA Call to the Police--Proctor's brush-off of criticism ignores major symbol of home rule--citizen control
222Escobar/etc.Calm Amid the Storm: Interim DC Police Chief Proctor Defends Activist Role, undeterred by criticism
223LoebTangled Power Structure Complicates DC Search for Police Chief;Barry vs Harlan,
225PanCrime and Police Complaints Plummet in Pr. George's--homicides down 42%, complaints down too
226ThompsonDC Must Stop Sending Inmates to Ohio Prison--Court says City failed to cull violent ones--must comply
227Thompson5 DC Police Officers Complain of Retaliation--docked pay, bad assignments (7thDistrict = dumping grnd)
228EditorLooking Safer in Pr. George's--community policing, better cops, etc. make County even more attractive
MARCH, 1998
301Wexler ltrThe Next Police Chief for DC--need a true ldr, not $-throwing: Boston =282,SanDiego=586,DC=155 caps/cop
305Loeb/WheelerNo Answer from Proctor--Police Chief stonewalls Council on explaining ousting of 3 senior officers
312FernandezBusiness Owners to Join War on Drugs--Anacostians agree not to sell certain related items to kids
312StaffNorton Seeks Corrections Funding--need $94.7M to fix 'discrepancy' produced 'unanticipated costs'
313WilliamsCropp Pushing Ahead on Sentencing Rules--call special session to reverse Council's rejection
314ThompsonDC Police Patrols Called Insufficient--Dept says most officers still not assigned to street
316SlevinDC Juvenile Facility Begins Needed Overhaul--Oak Hill Youth (detention) Center long overdue for fix-up
318WilliamsDC Council Endorses US Sentencing Policies--by 9 to 4--critics say city is forefeiting its power
318StaffDC Report 22% Drop in Crime--in last nine months from yr before: homicides down from 266 to 188
319EditorCouncil Steps Up--instead of 'hot-dogging'-- voted 9 to 4 for sentencing, 11 to 1 against residency reqmts
319StaffSenators (Faircloth and Hutchison) Urge DC Malpractice Limits--threaten to intervene if Board doesn't
321MillerSoulsby Blocked Key Audit, Suit Says--ex-chief accused of shielding friend from audit of Stowe's accounts
322StaffFrom Across US, Five Finalists Left for Police Chief Job--Proctor + San Jose, Detroit,New Orleans, Chicago
324ThompsonThree Still in Running for DC Police Chief: New Orleans, Chicago, Interim Chief Proctor
324Thomas-LesterDC Police Fail to Use $11 M in Funds--still lack needed equipment--lots of finger-pointing--grants missed
324StaffGroup Fights Contract for Ohio Prison--families claim prison not safe--20 stabbed in 10 months
325EditorHelp Wanted: A Police Manager--$11M in crime-fighting funds unspent, etc.: no top-flight managers
325Powell$3.2 Million to Cut Crime by Youths is Unspent--Justice Dept freezes DC grant funds--records unacceptable
328ThompsonHalf of Officers Lack Firearm Certification--Barry and Evans blame Proctor--officers behind in training
330StaffCitizens' Panel to Question (3 final) Police Chief Candidates, make recommendation to Barry
330EditorCan DC Cops Shoot Straight--problem found by Council probe--need an on-the-ball police chief
330ThompsonSecurity Chief for Barry Cites 'Suspicions'--unscheduled stops raise 'ethical concerns'--Barry sez political
331ViseLeading Police Chief Candidate Withdraws--after attack by Faircloth as old 'insider'--and $40K pay raise
APRIL, 1998
401ThompsonPolice Target Drug Market--Again--latest initiative follows more than a decade of futility
402StaffFinance Chief Named for City Police--EW Coard veteran of DC Office of FInance and Treasury
402ThompsonDC Offers Chief's Job to Chicagoan--Deputy Chief Charles Ramsey just missed Chief's job there
403ThompsonNo Quick Fixes (New) Police Chief Says--plans systemic review, real mgmt changes, now dysfunctional
403EditorDistrict's New Police Chief--gotta assemble first-class team, have free hand and backing of city--big test
404KingWhat the New Chief Needs to Know--back-channels can be useful--get Mrs. Barry to watch over Mayor
405Masters/ShearAs Suburbs Surge, Violence Tags Along--crime rates stable or down thruout metro area: PG and DC very high
405ThompsonA Defining Moment--1965 murder of childhood pal committed new police chief to community policing
407StaffDC Council Member Patterson Opposes Raises for Corrections personnel (to fed stds)--others left out
409StaffQ and A with City's New Police Chief Ramsey: 'I answer to the public--that's always been my attitude'
409SlevinPolice Gain a High-Tech Edge--computers in squad cars to speed information flow--177 laptops by mid-yr
412StaffTwo DC Inmates Indicted in Killings in Ohio Medium Security Prison housing 1600 DC inmates from Lorton
416ThompsonLorton Complex to Receive $7.1 M Overhaul--now only 4264 inmates--prison to close in 2001
419PowellShowing Dubious Progress is a Deadly City: 60.4dead/100Kpopn, 2x NY, Philly: 87% black kids 18-24
420ThompsonBig Problems in the Precincts: New DC Police Chief to face crisis in Eqpmt, Bldgs--maintenance terrible
421ThompsonRamsey Vows Quick Change in DC Police to DC Council, activists
421EditorA Fresh Start for a New Chief: expect professionalism, leadership, know-how--needs city's support
422ThompsonRamsey:'A New Beginning'--police chief sworn in after unanimous DC Council vote--$150K base salary
423PowellBarry Has Concerns About Chief's Contract--worries that Control Board has too much authority over him
423PanPolice Union Assails FBI--editorial urges Pr. George's Officers not to assist agents, who helped PG police
424StaffPanel Clears Ex-Member of Barry Security Detail
425EditorGive the Chief a Contract--trying to find wording that will allow MOU group to continue in force
429EditorToo Much Police Moonlighting--1800 of 3600 have secondary employment--a legitimate concern
430ThompsonCity Paying for Police at MCI Center--angering DC Officials--Boston, Philly, Baltimore all paid by stadiums
430ViseCongress Moves to Strip Barry's Police Authority--Faircloth amendment tacked onto another bill--'done deal'
MAY, 1998
501StaffPlan for City Police (from Faircloth) Angers Council Candidates Brazil, Evans, and Chavous
506StaffDC Police Say Fines for Unlicensed Driving Too Lenient--only $75 (others higher)--1000 caught per month
509ThompsonChief Sketches Plan to Reform Police--Ramsey will bring outsiders, community policing, fix facilities
510Thomas-LesterDC Police Ballistics Backlog Criticized: 1993 gift from ATF underutilized--backlog of 2500 bullets/casings
512Thomas-LesterPolice Official Wants Gun Analysis Finished re high profile Starbucks Slayings--part of big backlog
512StaffDC Chief to Hire Illinois State Police Director as an asst chief, former member of Chicago police--w/Ramsey
520FernandezDC Homicide Unit Senses Turnaround--new boss cites better morale, closure rate: 34 of 93 so far in '98
530Thompson93 DC Police Officers on Payroll, Off Job:--average almost one year on paid administrative leave
JUNE, 1998
602ThompsonPolice Woes Outlined--poor maintenance, eqpt, 911 staff--need 200 cars/yr;3-6 mos repair time
604EditorTicket Writers and Quotas--90/day goals closely watched--agrees new and fairer system needed
604FernandezDC (Police) Chief to Recruit Officers Nationwide--as done elsewhere: Gainer (ExecOps)/Morrison (PR) aboard
610StaffChicagoan (Nola Joyce) to Head Police Planning Unit--she was an administrator Illinois Dept Corrections
612StaffDC Police Officers Now Certified to Carry Guns--periodic firearms tests completed 2 mos after lapse noted
617ThompsonDC Police Chief Wants Recruits with Degrees, not just HS diplomas--pushing training, repairs, pay, equip. etc.
618ThompsonDC Police Begin 'Roll Calls without Walls' as summer initiative to raise officers' visibility in communities
619Staff(MOU) Committee on Police Gets new name, scope: to be broader Criminal Justice Coordinating Council
622EditorCrime Chaos in Prince George's--38,200 warrants unprocessed due to feud between Cnty Exec and sheriff
622LengelHello, We're the Police--DC Officers reaching out a door at a time in new door-to-door citizen contact
624Lee/WeilSlow Response, Abuse of Leave Cited at DC 911: many of 249,373 calls in 5 mos (!) get slow or no answer
624EditorCalling 911: 'Anybody There?'--DC gotta crackdown: no room for rude workers or sick leave abusers
626PanA Sheriff's Office in Disarray--feud between PG's Curry and Aluisi blamed for backlog of warrants
627Staff3rd District Police Commander Ousted--was promoted in Feb when Acting Chief Proctor ousted three
630EditorPolicing the DC Police--misconduct still high: 1146 adverse actions for 3600 cops; 1/100 face criminal chgs
JULY, 1998
701ThompsonDC Police Chief Targets Miscondouct Probes--1100 charges in 1997:many 'substandard if not negligent'
707PanPr.George's Sheriff Aluisi to Retire in January--budget feud with Curry hobbles office--huge warrant backlog
708Harris/WilliamsDC Council Targets Prostitution--90-day emergency law gives police wider powers, 10-day jail, $300 fine
709StaffPolice Chief Ramsey hires Civilian Personnel Director--ex-bank VP comes from Richmond, VA
711ThompsonCommunity Policing Effort Still 'Uneven', Chief Says--due to lack of resources, training, leadership
712FernandezDC Poised to Run Out Prostitutes--Police get boost from new emergency law passed by Council
713ThompsonChief Hits the Streets--Ramsey and Exec Asst Gainer make arrests, help motorists--for fun--keep in touch
722SalmonDC Efforts to Stop 'Slug' Pick-ups Anger Commuters--riders make cars eligible for HOV lanes
723SalmonRamsey Vows to Find New Sites for Commuter 'Slug" lines--carpoolers, Rep. Moran resist changes
725SalmonRamsey Picks New Spot for Slugs--VA commuters unhappy with change
726FernandezDC Police Chief Reviewing Off-duty Gun Rule--after officer shoots officer outside nightclub
728ThompsonOhio, DC Losing Faith in Privately Run Prison--shutdown weighed in wake of escapes, inmate complaints
728ThompsonDC Police Chief Assigns 20 (limited duty, desk job) Officers to Help 911 System following IG report
730PanCurry Moves to Cut Backlong of Unserved PG Arrest Warrants--quarrel with sheriff's office continues
731EditorIn Ohio, but still the District's--still up to DC to properly qualify DC inmate security risk (re Youngstown escapes)
AUGUST, 1998
802StaffEPA Fines DC Corrections Department $169K for hazardous waste at Lorton
802DeFrank ltrWhy Citizens Need to Police the Police--DC Council passes bill for civilian review of police misdeeds
804ThompsonDC Chief Won't Move Commuter 'Slug' Line S of Constitution Ave--1000 involved in inpromptu car pools
809PanPrince George's Prosecutor Put on Defensive--office criticized for inexperienced lawyers
811StaffAttorney General Reno Orders Review of Ohio Prison Where DC Inmates Escaped
812Staff200 DC Inmates in Ohio Prison to be Transferred to Other Sites--fed or VA state prisons
819StaffDC Dept of Corrections kept $511K owed to released/deceased inmates, says DC IG
819ThompsonChief Ramsey Urges Limits on Officers' Outside Work--ban jobs at bars/strip clubs, amend 24-hr gut-toting law
821EditorChanging Public Safety Laws: Control Bd must act if Council won't on Ramsey proposals--re off-duty copsetc.
822EditorSuperior Court Woes: ran out of money to pay court-appt'd lawyers, supplies. gotta fix--blame goes around
823WhitePolice Ticket-writers Told to Be Slower, Nicer, drop 90-per-day quota---15,000 new meters now installed!
827PaeSo. VA (Sussex) Prison to Get 1300 DC Inmates from Lorton @$62/day--150 mi frm DC--speed up closing
903SlevinDC Superior Court Can't Pay $5.6M in Bills (over $108M budget)--Judge blames fed takeover, not poor mgmt
903MathewsLives of DC Kids Improve--Study finds infant deaths -13%; kids murdered - 14%; juvenile crime -15%
903Mathews (cont)Lives of DC Teenagers Still Risky: 32% carried wpns; 35% into alcohol; 71% had sex--38% with 4+ others
903MillerNew US Atty for DC, Wilma Lewis --tough outsider follows Holder--50 new attys prosecute fed/local crimes
909ThompsonRamsey Prepares to Overhaul Police--'from top to bottom'--OK'd by Control Bd. Consultant plans ignored
909Thompson(cnt)Ramsey Police Plan to focus on decentralization, accountability: problems 'systemic'--others say cultural
910ThompsonRamsey Details DC Police Plan: bureaus gone, 3 new reg'n'l opns cntrs; more civilian bosses, local units
911SlevinReceivership Sought for DC Oak Hill Youth Prison--lawyers say neglect needs 'drastic and rapid change'
913EditorAnother Overhaul--5th police reorganization in 8 yrs--crime-weary city needs to see if Ramsey can deliver
914FernandezPolice Told Not to Use DC Prostitution Law--US Atty says new emergency law 'won't work in court'
918FernandezDC Police Chief Announces New Leaders--Ramsey promotes 11, demotes 4 from within, Proctor retires
919FernandezDC Police Chief's Top Deputy Punished for Minor Crash--but suspension rule called too strict by Ramsey
928SlevinFederal GAO Audit of DC Superior Court Ordered by Congress--$5.6M in unpaid bills, mainly to lawyers
1003EditorialShorting DC's Courts--lots of blame for shortfall--courts and Congress--but lawyers should be promptly paid
1003MillerDC Curfew (for teenagers 16-) Gets Another Chance--Full Appeals Court to review 3-judge split decision
1007ThompsonProbe Finds 65 Cases of DC Police Misdeeds--Council Panel Urges Policy Changes--Chief cries 'rehash'
1010CohnDC Police Drop Rule on Charging Festival Fees--groups billed for security services (viz $70K to Taste of DC)
1011Fountain DC Protesters Call for End to INS Raids -- claiming 'no human being is illegal'--unfair targeting of Latinos
1012StaffDC Court System Lauded for Management Practices re TQM, by Council of State Gov'ts
1017Thomas-LesterDC, MD Suburbs Join in Probe of Slayings--PG and Montgomery Counties work with DC detectives
1019ThompsonOhio Sours on Prison Managed by Private Firm--DC inmates in troubled facility--too much crime inside
1022StaffSenate Confirms 3 Judges for Superior Court--Kravitz, Greene sail thru, Broderick took record two years
1024ThompsonControl Board Gives, Weeks after Taking Away--adds six contractor guards to Barry's security detail
1025StaffMayoral Candidates (Schwartz and Williams) Do Not Back Fed Prison in Ward 8
1026ThompsonPolice Chief Using Few Ideas from Consultants' Report--Booz-Allen effort challenged as 'superficial'
1028SlevinAttorneys Still Waiting for ($4.1M) Pay from DC Courts--funds OK'd but not dispersed--defense of indigents
1029PanDC, PG County Forge Alliance Against Crime--fed funded plan to link deputized cops--still no radio commo
1029ThompsonRehired DC Police Still at Desks, Not on Streets--defeating aim of DC Council committee (Evans) bill
1030StaffPay Authorized for Court-Appointed Lawyers--money released by OMB--federal agency cutting checks
1103SlevinDelays at Oak Hill School Irk Judge: claims receivers make no progress at detention center after 2 mos
1106SipressOfficials Split on Bridge Action--5 1/2 hr shut down of major Wilson bridge by Chief Ramsey questioned
1108ThompsonDC Police Solve Few Burglaries--closure rate of 5% vs 14% nationally, 28% Fairfax, 27% Boston, etc.
1111ThompsonDespite Rule, Officer to Go with Barrys to Bermuda after African trip--hosts say only threat is from rain
1114ThompsonIgnored for a Year, $15M '96 (new eqpt) Grant Now Being Spent by DC Police--prodded by Rep. Taylor
1115Leen, et alDC Police Lead Nation in Shootings -lack of training, supervision lead to stats 2x to 4x over other big cities
1115Leen, et al (cont)DC Police Shootings: 6.3/10K violent crimes, but 2/1000 arrests for violent crimes, 2.3/1000 police officers
1115SipressBridge Flap Bares Strain Between DC, suburbs--VA,MD fault DC police--only tiny part of span in DC!
1117StaffPolice Officials (fired under Proctor) Sue Over Forced Retirement--citing 'reckless disregard'
1117EditorPolice Gunplay--new chief gotta 'get rid of deadwood that let calamity befall once excellent police force'
1118LengelLatinos, Ramsey Discuss Relations with Police--want more biligual cops, less abuse...numbers growing (70K?)
1119ThompsonOhio Issues Restraining Order for Prison Firm (holding DC prisoners)--facility control can't be changed
1121EditorThe Price of Police Failures--current force product of mediocre mgmt, poor training--enforce stricter stds
1121StaffDeputy Corrections Chief Thomas fired for approving thousands in overtime pay before time worked
1121MillerDC Police Chief to Take Action against Police Violence--Ramsey concerned by Post stories
1124ReidMetro Transit Police Have Quotas--are writing more tickets: 26,500 in 10 mos
1124Thompson2 Federal Prisons Sought for DC Inmates--1200 beds for low-security, 1000 for minimum security
1129Staff250 More Police to Continue Transfer of 400 to Patrols in December--continuing Ramsey plan
1129Dash/Sheehan'21st and Vietnam'--The Making of Teen Killers--87% of DC murder victims are black, 18-24 yrs old
1204StaffDead Man's Identity Was Lost for Two Years at DC Morgue--buried with unidentified--police goof
1205WheelerFederal Drug Office Boosts Effort to Cut Sales Near DC-MD Line--$270K for cross-border Proj CLEAN
1205ThompsonDC Prisoner Transfers Faulted--fed rpt links assaults to mistakes by city, Ohio prison in classifying inmates
1208StaffRep Tom Davis Seeks Review of Trustees Report on Corrections Dept problems with CCA contractor
1209StaffFormer Montgomery County Offical to Lead DC Corrections Dept--Devon Brown replaces Moore
1210ThompsonReport Galvanizes DC Prison Critics--Ohio facility had inadequate staff training, security, ed opportunites
1212EditorDC Department of Incorrections--taxpayers paying for flawed contract with CCA--inmate abuse probed
1216HorwitzPolice to Step Up (double) Firearms Training--also aim to better monitor police shootings, ban blackjacks
1216Lipton (cont)Council also passes bill to improve legal operations, probation officer authority, funds for ANCs
1219ThompsonDC Sues Private Prison Firm (CCA) in Contract Dispute--failed to protect/defend city in two lawsuits
1219MillerEx-DC Employee (of Fire Dept) Admits Role in Kickback Scheme for $300K in never-delivered supplies
1223ThompsonFor Incoming Mayor--a Changing of the Guard--Williams, police seek to avoid Barry's security excesses
1224EditorPolice, Not Personal Servants--DC residents want mayor/family protected--not another imperial family
1228Staff/APCrime at Lowest in Decades, Survey Finds--violent crime rate down to 39/1000 from 48/1000 in 1973
1229Horwitz5 Men Slain in DC in 5 Days--but homicides down from 301 in '97 to 260 in '98 (no longer murder capital)

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