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SAFETY and JUSTICE -- 1999

101PanKillings Continue Decline in DC--down from 301 to 260--near pre-crack levels--but still high per capita
101Pan (cont)Killings Rise in Suburbs: 6 VA counties up from 31 to 37, 6 MD counties 37 up to 38: PG Cnty 83 up to103
107DavisWilson Bridge Jumper Sentenced to 18 Months--for stalking, abusing wife--was alcoholic, lost job
107HorwitzDC Asks US Justice Dept to Review Police Shootings Over 10 Years--Eric Holder to lead review
108SuroJustice Dept Agrees to Assist DC Police Shooting Review--biggest help package ever to a US city
109ShearWhen Fighting Crime Isn't Enough--Fairfax, Montgomery seek police chiefs with personable touch
111JackmanFairfax Picks Acting Chief for Top Job--22-yr vet choice unanimous--wants +40 of 1100 officers on street
111FernandezPolice Faulted for Handling of Knife Incidents--criticism follows cops killing of man swinging 2 butcher knives
112EditorBringing Justice to DC's Police--Ramsey call for feds is grim commentary on low standing--Holder to probe
113BenningFairfax Schools' Plan to Cut Tech Funds Criticized: only $15.8M in $1.24B budget for 156K kids ($7950/stud)
114FernandezUnion Head Criticizes Post Coverage of DC Police--'sick 'n tired of bad publicity', blames Barry, Council
120EditorLorton Transfer--25 Years Late, starting to close old prison, turn inmates over to feds--could have 25 yrs ago
121ThompsonFBI-Trained Teams to Probe DC Shootings--Justice to help, while activists decry bringing in outsiders
123LiptonDC Ambulance Service Criticized--incidents bring calls for new review--ambulances far behind fire trucks
124ThompsonHundreds Escaping From DC Halfway Houses--376 of 1125 flee while awaiting trial--most still loose
126EditorHalf-Baked Halfway Houses--Brazil should probe all aspects of skills, competence of Corrections Dept
126SlevinDC Parole System Blamed in 1995 Murder--DC IG gives 'searing indictment' of faulty parole system
127SlevinGAO Audit to Probe Charges re DC Superior Court Books--poor accounting practices, lack of openness
127EditorDC Justice System That Killed--need accountability for sad, sordid story of dysfunctional parole system
128MillerDC lawyers Again Push for Juvenile Curfew to curb crime--old law overturned due to ACLU pressure
128StaffCouncilmember Brazil Calls for Firings in Parole Case re released murderer--calls system 'loosey-goosey'
128ThompsonDC Officials to Increase Checks on Halfway House Inmates--161 walk-aways still at large
128Lewis4 Babies' Deaths Ruled Homicides--DC Medical Examiner reviews 100 old "undetermined cause" cases
129ThompsonOutline for Justice Dept Review of 65 Police Shootings over Last 3-5 Years--nat'l team to take 8 mos
130EditorNo Justice for These DC Babies--children abused in life, abandoned by justice in death
201Fernandez40 Killings Begin Year in DC and Pr. George's--no clear pattern to 25 dead in DC, 15 in PG in January
202LiptonTickets Fixed for Officials--DC auditor criticizes slow parking appeals while officials get theirs quashed
204FernandezNo Rhyme or Reason to City's Crime Decline--better economy? less crack use? gang disruption?
206PanPr. George's Jolted Again by Violence--5 slain in 24 hrs--trend continues up from low in 1997
207WheelerNo Escaping History of Lorton Prison--advocates say complex should be preserved as historic site (!)
208ThompsonDC Slow to Track Down Halfway-House Escapees--authorities slow to get warrants: often 5 days or more
208BiskupicIn Jury Rooms (across US) A Form of Civil Protest Grows--jury activists disdain laws--'nullifying' in DC too
209ThompsonPolice Union May Challenge Asst Chief Gainer--could hold vote of no-confidence over negative comments
214EditorNotes on Halfway Houses--problems in Corrections Dept efforts noted back to 1989: lousy record
216FountainA Beacon of Light--SE Church takes beliefs to streets--harvesting lost souls in blighted areas--pub housing
218StaffUS Justice Dept Targets Halfway House Escapes--Norton requested fed help for DC Corrections Dept
224Celender (Gaz)Montgomery County Crime Hits Lowest Point in Decade--serious crimes down 5% to 72,300 (12 murders)
224ThompsonDC Police Chief Wants $8M for 200 More Officers, restart academy, cost of protecting community events
302ThompsonCCA Prison Firm Settles $2.4M Suit (incl. legal fees) by DC Inmates in Ohio for abuse, poor med care
304ThompsonDC Police Chief Links Crime Surges to Officer Loss--up 21% in some 'PSA's': only 1050 of 3517 on patrol
305SlevinSuperior Court Changes Ordered by Chief Judge Questioned--give judges too much admin authority ?
308Fox TV News200 of DC Counsel's 500 lawyers chase dead-beat dads--catch only 10% of estimated 100K cases
308ShaverPolice Skip Traffic Court, Drivers Walk--dismissals uncounted, absences unexplained across region
310EditorWhen Cops Are No-shows--DC and MD should adopt VA rules replacing traffic officers with prosecutors
310ThompsonArrested, Charged, and AWOL--most halfway house escapees were awaiting trial--(376 of 1125 walked)
311ThompsonDC Council Looks at Halfway House Oversight--Brazil committee considers accountability legislation
311EditorFederal Aid for Halfway Houses--shameful that Justice Dept has to step in to fix DC gov't failings
317BiskupicJudicial Group Favors One Less DC Judgeship--to 14--due to low caseloads: 3 DC slots now vacant
317SlevinBlowing Whistle May Get Easier--House (Norton, et al) Passes Bill for 1000+ court employees to speak out
318FernandezOne SE Neighborhood Demands Help--Capitol Hill advertises itself as crime-ridden--gets attention
318GridlockStatistics on Metro Crime--surprising data on 960 crimes in '98 show 55% involved parked auto theft
319MillerUnion Official Admits Misuse of Funds, agrees to aid probe of police re Soulsby, Stowe, etc.
321EditorGuns That Got Away--MD police fell behind doing background checks--criminals benefited--gotta fix
322ValentineProductive Job Program in MD prisons pays off for inmates, state: foods, furniture, fish farms, dog training
324BroderLessons of '6 Safer Cities'--get communities in re young gangs--answer 'high chair, not electric chair'
325FernandezRamsey Puts More Officers on Street--DC Chief enlists summer mobile force to stop rising murder rate
327EditorOrder in the Streets--everybody must help MPD solve problems, from FBI to neighborhood residents
402ThompsonNew Moves to Make DC Safer--police to target drug markets, detectives to spread to 7 districts (20+ ea.)
403StaffPrivate Firm (Cornell Corrections) to House 1050 DC Inmates in PA--$342M for 10 yrs ($34K/yr/inmate)
405StaffWilson Bridge Jumper Landed in Jail for domestic violence: MD police resolved similar jumper in 10 min
411Lotke ltrWhole Story of Halfway Houses--escapee statistics overstated: many returned, not violent criminals
412MillerAfter 23 Years, Workers Await Justice--DC Judge chastised for delaying class action lawsuit against union
419ShafferWilson Bridge Jumper offers apology--not armed, wouldn't have jumped--now sees things positively
421Whitlock429 Arrested in 30-day Sting Along DC/PG border--by 16 fed/local agencies (200Kfed$)! 90% drug-related
426ThompsonYear Into Job, Going Is Slow for DC Police Chief--Ramsey plans hit setbacks: support, morale down
415Woodleeex-Mayor Barry Encourages Support for a Southeast Prison to make jobs, keep inmates closer to home
415PanE. Barrett Prettyman--High Marks for Making Waves--ex-Inspector Gen'l credited with building agency
505EditorUntil Bates Street is Safe--DC claims of safe city ring hollow when 3 kids shot by dueling gunmen
511EditorGood News on Crime Front--serious crimes at 25-yr low of 46,290, but very uneven drop: (still high per cap.)
513WheelerTame by Comparison--Buttoned-down DC Has History of Sexual Excesses--5000 bawdy houses in 1864!
519SlevinSuperior Court Defies Congress on Lawyer Payments--no $31.8M setaside included in '99 budget
520MooarPolice Mull Privatization--ragtag group 8 sworn officers maintains 1470 vehicles--pvt firms have less red tape
523KennedyBoston Proves Something Can Be Done--100+ murders/yr cut to 7.7 by targeting gangs (DC at 57/yr)
530LengelThe Verdict: Race Mattered--Post reporter finds clear race biases in juries--fears long-range problem
602SlevinCredibility Crisis in DC Superior Court--money, management troubles result in struggle for respect
604WalshDC's 78% Police Approval Rating Lowest of 12 Cities--whites far less satisfied than in other cities
604PaeLorton Gun Range to Stay Shut--Ramsey acts after 240 shots spray nearby homes--go for military base?
607CottmanPrison Plan Splits Neighbors in SW DC: some want jobs, proximity to inmates, others resist image, CCA
610EditorFed Prison for Ward 8?--Mayor, Council mbrs oppose--should look elsewhere, include regional sites
613MilloyReparations Don't Start at IRS--local tax accountant jailed for adding large black tax credits for past slavery
613StricklandPrivate Prisons: the Bottom Line--is public safety well-served by private profit-driven prisons?--no
613CharryOpEdLocked Out On Prison Decision--BuPris gets only incidental inputs from DC--CCA criticized heavily
614NealQuarter of Gun Deaths (Nationally) Committed by Youths 18 to 20--24% of gun homicides by 4% of pop'n
614PyattLet's Try Not to Dance to This Jail House Rock--Wd 8 1200 bed prison not a good economic engine
615ThompsonPrison Project Rejected--DC Zoning Comm. refuses to rezone 42-acre Oxon Cove frm rec./open space
615SlevinDC Inmate System to be Scrutinized--US judge furious over killer's parole, lost records, in wrong prison
616WilsonMontgomery Police Chief Approved--County Council criticized secret search, but unanimous on C.A. Moose
616StaffPanel Sought to Probe Police Misconduct--Brazil pushing mayor for citizens complaint review board
617HsuHandgun Ban in DC Under Fire--VA maverick Rep Goode wants to repeal--88% DC homicides gun-related
618EditorThe Escapee and the Judge--15 yr-old w/bad record keeps getting sent back to group home
619SlevinUS Court Upholds DC Curfew--youth's rights not violated by 1995 law--parents can decide, despite ACLU
619HsuDC Gun Ban Survives Challenge as House Scraps Gun Bill--'bitterwseet' success says Norton
621EditorA Federal Probe of Corrections--furious judge orders probe of corrections corruption, incompetence, et al.
625EditorViolence Congress Can't See--Hill argues violent entertainment, but DC crime in East Capitol Dwellings real
628ZielinskiCrackdown Comes in Wake of Shootings--DC police focus on gangs--create list of 'most wanted' criminals
629MillerDC Sexual Harrassment Lawsuit against DC Dept of Corrections Settled w/$6.5M payment to 138 claimants
629CottmanMayor Rebuked--by Baptist minister from pulpit for not stopping crime in blighted East Capitol dwellings
630CottmanGroup Effort Promised on DC Crime--umpteen federal agencies to get involved to help solve DC problem
703SegalVerdict--Defense Doesn't Rest Often--DC homicide defense lawyers win rarely (?): 24+9 hung of 86 trials
703KingDC's Partners in Crime--don't blame mayor: try police, press, absent fathers, churches, judges, etc.
707LiptonDC Council Rejects Major Anti-Crime Bills re sex-offenders, expand police force, halfway house violations
708StaffDC Council OK's Police Commo Contract for Y2K: also OK's private contractor to maintain squad cars
709ChanDC Inmates Complain about VA Prison--too strict, inadequate access to showers, phones, doctors, etc.
710ChanDC Police Realignment Under Fire--residents say decentralization has done little to stop drug sales
712StaffDC Crime Down in 1st half '99--against people, -9%, against property -15%, due to economy, police work
712FletcherHigh Imprisonment Rates Could Fuel Crime--communities w/o 'social controls' tend to foster more crime
713SlevinDC Halfway House Escapes Inspire Reform--Nat'l Inst. of Corrections panel to discuss many problems
714WoodleeDC Council Relents, Toughens Law on Sex Offenders, OK's lateral police transfers from other jurisdictions
715EditorRx for DC Health Care--hospitals can't go on as now; mayor, Cntl Bd, Council must tackle cure w/open mind
715StaffNonuniformed Corrections Workers Face 8-Day Payless Furlough--to compensate for '99 budget shortfall
715Wendt LtrEdDC-Overtaxed and Underserved:linking street crime to DC Council budget cuts is claptrap--it's Congress
716ThompsonDC Prisons Chief Ousts 3 Top Deputies--blamed for $25M deficit, but civil servants will be reassigned
717EditorActivist's Car Fire-Bombed in DC--Ramsey admits 'fear level still as high as ever in many parts of city'
717LiptonVA Rep, Moran Drops Proposal to Oblige DC to House Some of Its Own Prisoners in DC
717ThompsonWilliams Aide Omer Blamed for $ Woes at Corrections--Councilmbr Patterson says budget director reneged
723StaffCorrections Officials Appointed by head of DC Dept of Corrections--after 4 top aides ousted last week
723ChanQuieter Times for DC's Ward 8: Month w/o homicide--crime down 32% in '96, 22% in '98, still down in '99
723MillerAccused of Perjury, DC Police Expert on Narcotics Resigns--alleged to have lied about credentials
729ThompsonDC Officials Press CCA Prison Firm--2 convicted murderers escape from transport van--recaptured later
731ChanWilliams Nears Picks for DC Police Board--5 member Citizen Complaint Review Board being chosen
804ThompsonDC to Expand Community Prosecution--125 US Attorney lawyers (tot) to focus at (all 7) precincts-level
804StaffPolice Get $15M Fed Grant for 200 more officers--DC to add $9.2M to round out 3 years' salaries
804ThompsonAudit Reproaches DC Halfway Houses--staff insufficient, poorly trained, community safety compromised
804CooperNational Youth Violence Declines--CDC study defies public perceptions--down 15-25% in'97 v '91
805EditorJudges and Halfway Houses--Auditor says not for pretrial defendants accused of violent crimes--agree!
805LyBoston, New Haven Leaders Outline Plan to Combat DC Crime: zero tolerance, community involvement
808SlevinDC Fund for Crime Victims Disputed--DC may lose about $6M unspent by DC Superior Court 'shell games'
808Evans/PattersonSpotlight on DC Police: $400K special study recommendations not implemented--promise to report
809OverholserDamned for What We Aren't--DC statistics OK ref other cities 46/77 cities poverty rate, 30/76 in crime rate
810GoldsteinTheory Ties Abortions to US Crime Rate Drop--fewer born to break the law 20 yrs after laws passed
812WhitlockCrime Falls Again in MD--robberies down 29% in PG, 27% in Montgomery, 32% in Frederick '95 to '98
812MillerDC Curfew for Under 16'ers Starts Sept 7 after injunction lifted, not to be in public 11PM to 6AM weekdays
814LengelRenewed $100 Buyback Draws Guns--netted 600 in Ward 6, Ramsey will expand program, got 2500 last yr
815ThompsonDC Pays Big Price for False Arrests--Ramsey Faults Officers' training $2.5M paid to 100 in last 18 mos.
815Rowan Jr.Time to Police His Own Dept--Rowan counts 900 good, 1400 passable, 1200 'sucking life out of MPD'
819LengelNew Use for Seized Drug Assets--$100K in drug money to help gun buy-back program at $100 each
822ChanDC Suffers Lack of Ladder Trucks--4 of 16 out of service, +2 overage--FY99$ not yet spent for new ones
823StaffAnother Phase of Lorton Closing Ends--Minimum security facility closed, final 62 employees laid off
824SlevinMoney Tight, Staff Morale Low, Sentiment Builds for New DC Superior Court Leadership, better services
824EditorThe House vs DC on Guns--why can't Congress (Hunter) see wisdom of not loading up city with more guns
824Chan/LengelPolice Make an Offer Hundreds Can't Refuse--gun buyback nets 1164 first day, almost same next day
825Chan/Lengel1058 guns bought back second day--using confiscated drug money--best guess 142,000 still out there
826EditorThe Mayor's Drug Declaration--hopes Williams has plan to back up claim of 'taking down drug markets'
827Thompson(Ohio) Prison's Dangers Ignored--DC Director Moore accused of being warned 3x re wrong inmate mix
828Perez-RivasGlendening Vows to Push 'Smart Guns'--gun manufacturers claim 'you can't mandate (unproven) technology'
828ChanDC Police to Recruit at Job Fair Today--$15M DoJ grant lets MPD braoden approach--offer $33K+ to start
829PanCriminals, DC Police Frustrate Merchants--survey of 114 stores finds 67% hit: 40% don't report crimes
829GrayJob Hunters Investigate DC Police--Department has plenty of openings--seeks recruits at convention cntr
831StaffMobil Corporation donates 3000 gallons motor oil for 1400 police cars--'help build community relations'
902EditorWho Rules the Streets?--drug dealers doubt mayor's claim they won't be on streets: better policing needed
903SlevinCounseling Cutoff Shows DC Court Problems--$229K program helped scores of troubled kids/families
906WaxA Street Struggles for Peace--Columbia Hts Seeks end to crime--hopes metro upgrades stop drug markets
908SlevinDC Superior Court Runs Out of Money--hits Congress's $25M cap to pay lawyers appointed for indigents
908EditorAnother Crack at a Curfew Law--prior enforcement concerns remain, but hope it lowers DC crime rates
908CottmanAs DC Curfew Resumes, Questions Persist (as in 300 US cities)--re police workload, detention logistics, etc.
909LooseCurfew May Aid Hunt for Youth Offenders--police allowed to search violators, conduct background checks
912Staff1st Two Cameras Yield 2100 $75 Red-Light Tickets in first four weeks--DC hopes to have 40 by year end
914MorenoBirths Out of Wedlock Fall 3.7% in DC--earning $20M HHS grant--officials don't know what caused drop
914ShearFairfax Ends Trade-In of Seized, Used Guns--has been exchanging old, used guns for new police wpns
914WhitlockPG Police Face More Complaints--figures contradict oversight board claims of declining complaints
914CastanedaPG County Executive Curry, Sheriff's Office Settle Part of Lawsuit--terms of court-security pact withheld
916ThompsonPA Halts Construction of Prison for DC Inmates after $11M spent, declaring private penitentiary 'illegal'
916EditorThe Mayor's Anti-Drug Plan--goals unassailable, but executive, legislative branches gotta work together
916CottmanDC Aims at 6 Open-air Drug Markets--Williams pledges to shut 'em down with 'holistic' approach, extra cops
917SlevinSuperior Court Overspent by $4.6M in '98--did not base its spending on appropriation it received
918MillerMarijuana Vote to be Released--Fed judge unlocks DC election tally barred by Congress--137K voted
920CottmanDC Anti-drug Effort Has New Life, Leader--on-loan fed prosecutor Christian to help realize mayor's plan
921WoodleeDrug Treatment with Public Funds Urged--Catania also faults DC addiction agency, APRA as 'calous'
921Miller/HsuResults Are Out--Marijuana Initiative Passed 69/31: Republicans that blocked tally vow to block law
922Chan/WilgorenFinancial Records of School at Oak Hill Youth Center Faulted--audit criticizes pre-receiver education director
922GraySurvey Finds Support for Montgomery Police--but minority confidence (50-56%) well below whites' 72%
923ThompsonRamsey Touts Technology Plan--$50M effort includes refurbishing 911/311 system, 300 car-computers
923LaytonDC Mass Transit Goes Mini--Metro sends 40 smaller new 26-passenger buses into tighter spaces
923StaffMarijuana Initiative Threatened as Rep Barr says he will introduce legislation to nullify DC Initiative 59
924EditorMedical Marijuana's Next Step--FDA should decide merits, not voters: Barr's action makes matters worse
926MillerDC's 211 Lawyers Guilty of Disorder in Courts--Judges' rulings attack Corp Counsel office's sloppy work
927ChanRamsey to Boost Evening Patrols--officers disgruntled by inconvenience of working high-crime hours
928EditorCops At Night--overriding objective should be to work when workload heaviest--not cops' home lives
930ThompsonRamsey Delays 'Power Shift' After Officers Complain of inconvenience of working criminals' hours
1001WaxOfficers Protest Ramsey's 'Power Shift' Changes--claim they're being 'punished', treated like public slaves
1001SlevinOak Hill Youth Center School Takeover Overturned--judge didn't give Ackerman enough time to fix it
1002LengelEarly Reviews of DC Curfew Hopeful but Guarded--too soon to tell--crimes peak early when school in
1005EditorNew Rules for DC Drivers re learner, provisional permits, licenses should be adopted--like MD and VA
1005ThompsonDC Superior Court Executive Quits--Hammond criticized for mgmt, budget overspending problems
1008ThompsonCouncil Mbrs Want Action on Police Reform--last year's DC Cncl Committee misconduct report 'shelved'
1008Thompson2nd Theft Reported from DC Police Safe--and yet another follows loss of $12K from 2nd Div safe
1009ThompsonProgress on Fixing Police Force--Ramsey tells Evans, Patterson increased training, other reforms helping
1009EditorIs Money Safe With Cops?--police dept that must train cameras on safes, not cell blocks, is in trouble
1012ChanReformed School--DC Oak Hill Youth Center for juvenile delinquents may be turning corner under rcvr
1018Adams/ViseNational Crime Rates Down for 7th Straight Year--experts disagree on why--gun use in homicides down
1018GrayMontgomery Police Chief Changes Rules--wants consistency in complaint process, hits lax code of honor,
1019GrayMontgomery Cnty Exec Duncan Endorses Police Chief's New Rules--to ease complaint handling
1019WheelerLorton Prison's Past Might Be Its Future--activists want 532 acres out of 3000 to become 'historic sight'
1020StaffDC Council Passes Bill to Give Police Officers $2000 tax credit, $10K loans,lower prop. taxes to live in DC
1021LiptonDC Fire Dept Faulted on Safety--chief acknowledges delays in following up on15-mos old report
1022MorenoDC Fire Chief Cites Improvements--new eqpmt, ambulances, commo--6 new trucks on way, need 19 more
1022SlevinBeatings, Filthy Conditions Alleged at DC's Jail--court-appointed monitor sees tapes, seeks fed probe
1024EditorCorrection Time at DC Jail--gotta do no-holds-barred probe of notoriously bad facility, clean it up
1027StaffDC Fire Chief Defends his Residency--owns home in MD w/wife, rents apt in DC; won't say where he sleeps
1028WilsonMontgomery County, Justice Dept. Negotiating Police Reforms--result of probe of racial bias accusations
1030SlevinFederal Auditors Blast DC Court--bookkeeping 'shell games' cited, books not balanced in 14 months
1030ThompsonStudy Flays DC Corrections--still suffers serious problem in case, records mgmt, prisoner classification
1103WilliamsDC Votes to Limit Teenage Drivers--Council sets 18 as minimum age for full license, stages from 16 on
1105SlevinProbe Finds Serious Flaws in Handling of DC Felons--poor records, transfers, assignments, etc.
1110LeDuc'Smart Gun' Mandate Urged by MD task force--as soon as available--meanwhile built-in locks needed
1112VobedjaRecylced DC Police Guns Tied to Crimes--9000 resold, traced to 107 crimes, 8 murders; suburbs do too
1113EditorFrom Cops to Thugs--Post probe found crimes with recycled guns--practice borders on police insanity
1116ThompsonDC Gun Crackdown Expanded--'Operation Ceasefire' ten point program to get illegal guns off streets
1117ThompsonPolice Cars Uninspected, Unregistered--173 (30%) w/outdated stickers,some DC cops fail to pay tickets--
1118ThompsonScofflaw Police Cars Getting Inspected in extra hours by DMV--2 administrators suspended w/o pay
1120ThompsonDC Police Knew of Unpaid Citations--officials couldn't tie tickets worth $48K to specific officers, did nil
1121StaffClinton Appoints DC's Jeffers to US Parole Commission--took over duties of DC Board of Parole
1123SpinnerPG County Exec Curry Replacing 3 on Police Panel--oversight committee lagged on misconduct rpts
1124GrayMD's Takoma Park Police Force Accused of Bias--black, latino officers file complaint re less promotions
1130ThompsonDC Fire Chief to Retire but Defends Record--Williams expected to name interim replacement today
1130StaffChief Demotes 2 Police Administrators--one for no action on missing $, other for arguing with fed officer
1201EditorRebuilding the Fire Department--DC deserves no less than can-do spirit and sense of emergency
1201WaxResidency Moot, Firefighters say: rank/file not on emergency call--mayor wants agency heads in city
1201ThompsonTemporary Fire Chief Takes Over--DC vet Tippett promises quick moves for safety: wide search planned
1202GoldsteinMD's Shady Grove's Owner Cited for Deficiencies--in quality of care at 5 of 7 MD Nursing Homes
1207StaffInterim DC Fire Chief Starts Safety Overhaul--has paramedics riding with firefighters, issues new locators
1209StaffBlack Firefighters Plan Protest of White Interim Fire Chief with 31 years in dept--anti-affirmative action?
1214GoldsteinDC Closes Neglected Public Health Lab for 90 days--risk of 'public health disaster': 300K test/yr, 15 wrkrs
1215SlevinFiles on DC Retarded Out of Reach--advocates frustrated by lack of DC Superior Court cooperation
1216DvorakDC Buyback Drew Old, Cheap Guns--analysis finds most of 2912 guns worth 1/3rd of $100 bounty paid
1219SlevinDC Superior Court Sued over Pay Lag--lawyers say law violated: top slots not filled since audit
1222EditorRelentless Flow of Guns--1000's of guns flow into DC yearly--gotta ban handguns US-wide, not just region
1224StaffCorrections Chief Installs Watchdog Unit--Internal affairs unit to look at malfeasance, misconduct, etc.
1225Staff51 Police Officers Promoted by Ramsey--will help balance top officers throughout 7 districts, 83 PSAs
1229DvorakToo Many Dying Young, say Police--DC Task Force formed as 6 teens slain in 2 mos: more girls involved
1229SlevinDC Marijuana Laws Called Lax--DC prosecutors want stiffer penalties as felonies, not misdemeanors
1230DvorakIrate Police Chief Shakes Up DC Probe--investigators replaced in teens' slaying case for sloppy work

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