Principles to Guide Policy Recommendations
1. Government in the District of Columbia should be based on the principle of self-government by democratically elected officials.

2. The unique character of the District as the Nation's Capital must be recognized. The defining characteristics are:

a. The District's status is constitutionally established.

b. The national capital is not part of any state.

c. A substantial portion of the District is devoted to the business of the national government.

d. The District is confined geographically.

e. Congress exercises its power to regulate the affairs of the District, most importantly by limiting the City's ability to raise revenues.

f. The District is home to one-half million people, most of whom are taxpaying citizens and their families.

3. The nation as a whole has a substantial stake in the national capital, and an interest in its vitality as the surrogate for the nation to the rest of the world. That stake warrants federal government support of the District, as well as a role in District affairs that significantly affect the federal interest.

4. There is an inherent interdependency between the District and the national governments. Each affects the quality of the operation of the other. There should be a partnership relationship between the federal and District governments to advance their common interests in the nation's capital.

5. The surrounding jurisdictions also have a major stake in and benefit from a strong national capital, which lies at the heart of the region, and they, as well as the federal government, have a corresponding obligation to share responsibility for resolving problems that are inherent in the national capital's place in our system. - ii -

6. The District government needs to be established on a sound and efficient basis, and to be effectively managed in accord with good government and sound business principles.

7. The District government needs to be built on a sound financial base, supported by a diversified and growing economy and a strong social and educational structure.

8. The residents of the national capital are entitled to be represented on a voting basis in the national legislature.

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