The two prominent street corner buildings are typical of larger structures which threaten the quality of life in the surrounding neighborhoods

Both of these townhouses (1423 5th St, left, and 613 Florida Ave, right) will be cleaned up and sealed for eventual renovation

The townhouse at 1503 9th St., NW (left) with the eye-catching red boards will be renovated, but the handsome house at 531 U St., NW behind the weed tree (right) is beyond repair and an insult to the well-kept homes next door


The small, neat townhouse at 1316 5th St., NW (left) has been nicely "abated", but the red brick house at 516 T St., NW (right) will take considerable effort


This stand-out structure at 1603 5th St., NW (left) is due for demolition, and will leave a gap like the one at 1818 6th St., NW (right) where a neighbor is painting his home

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