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Isn’t it Time to Re-write Its Code and Re-boot Our Congress?

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• Our overarching "Op-Ed" (that several newspapers rejected!) (6/12/13)

Our rationale for re-starting NARPAC after several years of inactivity. (6/12/13)

• Our views on our Legislators' main job (and who's really doing it): Congressional sausage-making (6/29/13)

• Our views on repairing Congress: The Voices for Change Are Varied and Growing (7/05/13)

A Voters' Bill of Rights ( #VBor - 4 parts)

Part 1 7/15/13 We are now beginning to analyze the inescapable requirements for responsible voters in a modern democracy: a fundamental need neither forseen, nor since encouraged in our seriously outdated Constitution.

Part 2 7/28/13

Responsible and meaningful voting at all ages, based on realistic (and continuing) education, is surely an as-yet uncodified Constitutional principle fundamental to the future of the USof A. Emerging technologies combined with a well-established public education system can certainly assist in these objectives -- for both voters and their representatives.

Part 3 8/11/13

The third part of this analysis deals with the deep-seated, and thoroughly avoidable, lack of information on how our federal government works. Congressional agencies gather information for their own use, but it is disseminated no further. Technologies exist for vastly improving both the voting process and the polling process, so candidates better reflect all their voters, and voters can exercise an informed judgment in their choices. And lastly, why haven't we gotten around to direct voting for our president?

Part 4 9/2/13

Part 4 presents sixteen separate strawman "amendments" for a comprehensive Voters' Bill of Rights (#VBoR) based on the foregoing analysis. The issues here are not whether our wording passes the Bar Exam, but whether our country can survive without delineating clear boundaries for the entire election process. It is not surprising that our Founding Fathers did not foresee declining American (if not global) ethical standards, nor the impacts of technology (and avarice) on campaigning, but it will be a lot worse than surprising if we do not act to formalize the standards needed to keep a democracy functioning at a competitive global rate.

The Government Shutdown

Coming to Grips with Congressional Dysfunction (10-16-2013)

As the debt limit approaches, and the government stays shut down, we raise a) the issue that the Congress is already guilty of "reckless endangerment", and b) the option of the President declaring a state of National Emergency to mitigate the impacts of a prolonged government shutdown, and to avoid the potentially calamitous global impact of defaulting on our debt, held worldwide.Surely, if such declarations are attacked as "unconstitutional", then the need to amend that obsolete document becomes simply beyond question.  It seems somewhat ludicrous that the ONLY constitutional reference to our national debt (the last of several unrelated items in the 14th Amendment) deals only with the need to honor (not question) the validity of that debt, except for any debts incurred thru insurrection or loss of slaves! Just how relevant is that?     

Three Constitutional Voids:
Finances, Future Trends, and National Emergencies (
11- 25-2013)

Narpac addresses three major areas: Congressional recklessness with federal finances, the politicization of major global trend predictions, and failure to treat the growning range of national emergencies.

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