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101 Hedgpeth A Family Company, Forest City, Sets Out to Transform DC--envisions future of DC's underutilized areas
101 Staff Coming in 2007 to DC--new buildings like Anacostia Gateway; ATF hq; 14th and V; 505 9th near MCI, etc.
101 Joyce Help Wanted on the Hill--typical pay for Senate/House staffers: thousands apply for modest pay jobs
106 Staff The City Fenty Inherits--provides graphic image of numbers of streets, lobbyists, trash, hydrants, etc.
106 Turque Fairfax Resists Following Others' Building Freezes--Loudoun, Pr. William actions called politics
106 Abruzzese Bells and Whistles Draw Renters to Renovated Myerton in Arlington (1BR@500sqft=$1360+$75,for 1pkng)
106 Staff 9-mos Prince George's real estate trends: unit sales up 9% to 10,586, median unit price up 20% to $335K
107 Patterson/etc. Progress or Peril--2 scholars look at what it means to be black man in US today, and project future
109 Schwartzman Storied Lincoln Stage Could Go Dark Street venue nearly broke, says director: planned on $50K grant
109 Fahrenthold Polluted Waters Stain DC's Shining Vision--rejuvenation near Anacostia may leave the river itself behind
110 Woodlee Oops: DC Must Raze Luxury Home--settling zoning battle dispute over mistaken permit is costly
111 Shear VA Gov. Kaine Presses for Bipartisan Deal on Transportation Funding--as 2007 Gen'l Assembly opens
112 Kang Eli Lilly Abandons Pr. William Project--half-finished Manassas building for 350 jobs to be torn down
112 Kang As Boom Wears Off, Region in for Slower, Steady Ride--projected to level out around 3.5% annual growth
113 Abruzzese Grove Park Apartments in Gaithersburg Branches Out indoors and out (1BR@720sqft=$1005+free pkng)
113 Staff 9-mos Howard Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up 1% to 3251, median unit price up 9% to $414K
114 Stewart Georgia Ave. Awakening--outdoor plazas, affordable housing, revamped Metro station, luxury lofts, coming
114 Staff What 'Washington, DC' Means to Local Journalists across US: viz:, "power + crack houses", "Metro", etc.
115 Hedgpeth Rare DC License for Nude Dancing Up for Sale--"Nexus Gold Club" one of 20 in DC: bring $2-6M?
117 Shear VA General Assembly Republicans 'Very Close' to Deal on Road Money--higher taxes, fees, fines
120 Staff 9-mos Anne Arundel Cnty real estate trends: unit sales off 7% to 6682, median unit price up 10% to $340K
120 Abruzzese New Place to Dock in Annapolis at '1901 West' Apartments (1BR@750sqft=$1350 w/pkng)
121 Nakamura Ward 8 Residents Skeptical re Poplar Point Plan--many say stadium, hotel, housing will displace poor
123 MacGillis Tysons Corner Tunnel is Affordable, Says Advocate Group of VA business leaders and residents
125 Craig Gov. Kaine's Growth Plan Dealt Blow in VA General Assembly--panel tables Dem. bill to consider Rep. one
125 Editor Reality At Last in Richmond--facing electoral disaster, GOP blinks, puts forward barely adequate bill
126 Marimow Montgomery Cnty Leaders Ease Growth Strategy--retreat from temporary freeze on dozens of projects
127 Abruzzese Services on a Shoestring at subsidized Fields of Manassas Apts (2BR@@877sqft=$879 w/open pkng)
127 Staff 9-mos Charles Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up 8% to 2356, median unit price up 12% to $326K
128 Shaver Bid to Get Land for Connector Escalates--MD sues some property owners to condemn sites for highway
129 Hedgpeth Face-lift Projects Planned for Northeast DC--two major projects at Ft. Totten Metro, incl 900 condos
130 MacGillis Fairfax Shines in Jobs Report--county challenges DC's leadership of Area Economy: useful stats
201 Gardner VA Senate Finance Panel May Derail GOP Transit Plan--chairman opposes deal, wants 5% gas tax
202 Gardner VA Transportation Deal Withers in Senate Panel--committee endorsed proposal that can't win in House
203 Staff 9-mos Calvert Cnty real estate trends: unit sales off 7% to 996, median unit price up 8% to $325K
203 Straight Dulles Deluxe--new lush Parc Dulles apts at Dulles Town Cntr opens (1BR@745sqft=$1235 + $100 prkg)
207 Shear Virginia Transportation Plan Passes House, Faces Senate Fight--would divert other program's funds
209 McCaffrey BRAC Base Plan Would Add 45,000 Jobs, MD predicts--Anne Arundel, Harford to gain most spots
210 Gebhart Crystal Plaza in Arlington has boxy exterior, souped up interior (1BR@850sqft=$1600 +$60/90 prkg
210 Staff 9-mos Frederick Cnty real estate trends: unit sales even at 3054, median unit price up 10% to $330K
211 Sherwin ltr Back Off, Columnists! Here's What Washington Means to Me--culture, diversity, spring, fall, etc.
212 Huslin Pr. George's Rebounding from Losses--losses of Verizon and Lockheed absorbed, Nat'l Harbor rising
213 Shear VA Gen'l Assembly Legislators Urged to Reach Accord on Transportation--settle battle with senate
214 Stewart Chief of Anacostia Waterfront Corp Resigns--called 'ineffective': spent too much on pay, consultants??
217 Staff 9-mos Fairfax Cnty real estate trends: unit sales off 34% to 11419, median unit price up 1% to $530K
217 Abruzzese New Angle on and Quiet Luxury at Downtown at Thomas Circle (1BR@700sqft=$1950+$200/prkg space)
218 MacGillis Next Stop, Tysons--Fairfax County planners see Ballston as model for transit-oriented overhaul of center
219 Kang Land Swap Complete, Waterfront Plan Revived--AWC gets Buzzard's Pt, NCRC get McMillan Reservoir
219 Hedgpeth Need Place to Stay--Convention Center hotel crucial to bookings, beset by business/bureaucratic snags
219 Hedgpeth Convention Center Not Living Up to Lofty Goals--declining attendance limits economic impact of visitors
224 Staff 9-mos Pr. William Cnty real estate trends: unit sales off 38% to 8360, median unit price up 7% to $419K
224 Shear VA GOP Lawmakers Hammer Out Transportation Bill--Kaine threatens special session if no pact reached
224 Straight Preserving the Peace at Willow Run Garden Apts in Alexandria (1BR@700sqft=$1045 w/free surface prkg)
225 Shear VA House, Senate Approve Roads Bill--would OK raising taxes in Northern VA to pay for expansions
226 Craig VA Gov. Kaine Taking Fight on the Road--public input sought on transportation, other priorities
226 Hart Watergate Hotel May Not Go Co-op After All--housing market turndown coupled with rising hotel rates
227 Editor Mr. Kaine's Crucible--VA's governor faces bad transportation funding bill, and some tough choices
301 Gowen Powerplant Emissions May Be Harmful, Fed Agency Says, warnings afvised in Alexandria, incl bike trail
302 Woodlee DC Council Member Pushes Training Center--Thomas wants multicultural faciltity for day laborers
303 Kunkle Ft. Belvoir Roadwork Estimate Out--$458M plan envisions most of 22K workers at nearby proving ground
303 Straight High Rise Near Heritage Park--new 205-unit 12-story Carlyle Square apts (1BR@650sqft=$1600+50/150 prkg)
303 Staff 9-mos Loudoun Cnty real estate trends: unit sales down 48% to 4524, median unit price up 4% to $545K
304 Howland ltr DC Should Try London-Style Congestion Charge--Bush's FY08 budget to fund experiments to limit traffic
307 Thoms (Cur) Akridge Condo Gets Planners' OK--but 7-story building near Friendship Heights Metro too big for locals
310 Staff 12-mos Alexandria City real estate trends: unit sales down 29% to 1087, median unit price up 2% to $599K
310 Abruzzese Shirlington's Top-Notch Trio--"Flats, Loft, & Tower at the Delancy" (1BR@650sqft=$1640+$100/200prkg)
310 Staff 12-mos Arlington Cnty real estate trends: unit sales down 28% to 1701, median unit price off 1% to $565K
317 Staff 9-mos DC real estate trends: unit sales up 16% to 3300, median unit price up 10% to $450K
317 Straight Raising Expectations--lofty standard set at 'the Prime at Arlington Courthouse' (1BR@770sqft=$1575+50/prkg)
318 Craig Virginia Roads Bill May Slight Rural Areas, Leaders Fear--as Richmond moves to let NVA pay for its own!
321 Westfall (Cur) 'Square 54' Designers React to Zoning Panel Advice--GWU 3-tower bldg cropped slightly for locals
322 Aizenman Census Data Show Growth Cooling in DC Suburbs--galloping growth slows, dulled by high housing costs
324 Casteneda At Silver Spring's Nob Hill, basics are emphasized at reliable refuge (1BR@xxxsqft=$825sqft+free prkg)
324 Staff 9-mos Regional condo real estate trends: unit sales off 9% to 15,335, median unit price up 3% to $286K
325 Montes Washington, DC: [New Slogan Goes Here]--2 firms given $150K to find new 'catch phrase' for DC C&T Corp
327 Editor Balm, But No Cure, for Traffic--transportation funding breakthrough in Richmond a point
328 Westfall (Curr) DC Zoning Commission Grants Initial OK to GWU's Square 54 mixed-use building--local gripes heard
328 Gontcharove(Curr) West End Hotel To Get 2 Extra Floors--9-story Marriott at 1143 NH Ave to donate $462K to DC library Fndn
328 Westfall (Curr) 3-Floor Addition to West End Office Bldg Fuels Local Complaints--plan to sue owner, Bd of Zoning Adj.
331 Fahrenthold Rock Creek Fish Head Home Again--herring return up DC Creek (to Walter Reed) after 104 year blockage!
331 Staff 12-mos Montgomery Cnty real estate trends: unit sales off 17% to 11926, median unit price up 9% to $475K
331 Huslin Destination for Dining--with restaurants on the menu, National Harbor hopes to attract a crowd soon
331 Straight House of Play--'Jefferson at Sullivan Place' in Alexandria caters to sports (1BR@560sqft=$1300+0/60prkg)
402 Joyce (Cont) ....10 story, $250M bldg to include: 440K sqft office; 330K sqft retail, 27K basement grocery, 1026 prkg
402 Rosenwald Home among the Headlines--135 apts range from $1650 to $6500/mo over museum on PA Avenue
404 Craig VA State Transportation Bill on Verge of Approval--$1.1B p.a. for roads rail for 500K pop'n growth in 20yrs
405 Aizenman Metro Areas Growth Scaled Back--leavers almost equal newcomers: 5.3M pop'n=8th largest metro area
407 Staff 12-mos Pr. George's real estate trends: unit sales up 8% to 13592, median unit price up 18% to $340K
407 Stanley Where Nature Meets Nurture--Forest Park Apts in Silver Spring complex (1BR@634sqft=$850+free prkg)
408 Nakamura (cont) .....110 acres parkland to be transferred by Feds--to bring soccer stadium, school, 1400-2300 hsng units
408 Nakamura Promise of Poplar Point--as DC mayor, developer foresee prosperity, Anacostia locals fear exclusion....
410 Gardner No Funds Allocated Yet to Manage Traffic during 2 Major Tysons Corner Project: worse than Springfield?
410 Downey Alexandrians Gird for National Harbor--as project rises, so do hopes and fears: to redevelop waterfront
410 Ahrens Discovery Commo. Lays off DC Area Workers in Silver Spring--more cuts likely media firm says
414 Staff 12-mos Howard County real estate trends: unit sales up even at 4132, median unit price up 6% to $407K
414 Straight PA Ave's Other Address (2401)--West End Bldg Boasts Spacious units (1BR@900sqft=$2550+225 prkg)
414 McCaffery Roads Will Expand Years After BRAC-transfer Jobs Start at Ft. Meade--school construction priorities up
414 King OpEd Standing Up to Imus--people must have the courage to come off sidelines when they see injustice
415 Singer ltr What DC Could Do about High Cost of Being Poor--check cashing, payday loan rates, etc. need controls
416 Downey Much of North VA to Raise Tax Rates--housing slump causing election-year dilemma as budgets rise
419 McCaffrey 22K New Jobs Seen in Ft. Meade area--new Army projections far exceed Anne Arundel, Howard impact
421 Layton Reliance on Coal Sullies 'Green the Capitol' Effort--2 senators require coal at Capitol power plant
421 Editor State of Black America--Urban League ideas worth pursuing: Head Start, 1-sex schools, longer days, year,etc
421 Gebhart Higher Station--The Metropolitan at Lorton Station offers many touches (1BR@711sqft=$1470+1 free prkg)
421 Staff 12-mos Anne Arundel Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up off 6% to 8632, median unit price up 8% to $340K
422 Huslin Grand Vision for $2B National Harbor Takes Form--moving "The Awakening" sculpture just the start
423 Hart DC Area Picked as Top City for Blacks by BET magazine--high income and black firms, low jobless
426 Straight DC Real Estate Story Tale of Two Cities--West of Anacostia level--East skyrocketing 26-35%: totDC=7%
428 Staff 12-mos Charles Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up 4% to 3016, median unit price up 11% to $330K
428 Straight Healthy Dose of Luxury, Fitness at Arlington's Courtland Towers (1BR@700sqft=$1545+1 free prkg)
429 Fahrenthold DC Area Sees Spike in Rate of Emissions--carbon dioxide increases 13.4% in 4-year period
430 Lengel More Room at the Top in Downtown DC--several bldgs like 2121 K St. adding floors to reach 130 ft limit
430 Williams Hope Stirs in Fort Lincoln--growth, new neighbors inspire mixed pocket of DC to believe in change
430 Weiss Virginia Thinking Locally on Roads--small fixes could improve commutes quickly: turn lanes, etc.
502 Schwartzman High-Level Debate on Future of DC--with land in short supply, scholar says taller buildings should be OK'd
502 Editor Local Warning--carbon dioxide wake-up call for Washington area: emissions up 13.4%: 2+x US avg
503 Bacon Obama Reaches Out w/Tough Love--candidate says criticism of Black America reflect its private concerns
503 Weiss US Funds Sought for DC Traffic Study--$17.8M to study reducing traffic, including 'congestion pricing'
504 Editor Hazardous Logic--regional planners consider what to do with chemical shipments by rail
504 Weiss VA Officials Challenge Legality of NVA Panel's Power to Raise Taxes--for transportation purposes
504 Spivak Montgomery Seeks New Strategy on Growth--try to focus on developed areas w/roads, schools in place
505 Staff 12-mos Calvert Cnty real estate trends: unit sales off 9% to 1236, median unit price up 6% to $323K
505 Miroff VRE's Ridership Decline Continues--daily average declines from 15,290 to 14,060 a year ago
505 Editor An Odor at National Harbor--time to clean up a $3.5M slush fund involving missing, misused, self-dealt $s
505 Festa Keeping Up with History--DC art deco Dorchester House to be upgraded (1BR@700sqft=$1100+$1250 prkg)
506 Downey High-rises Approved that would Dwarf DC--Rosslyn towers could be hazard, FAA says
507 Editor Safer Streets--DC Council considers new ways to enforce traffic, parking rules: typical too little too late
509 Pearce (Curr) Firm Floats Development Possibilities in West End--Squares 37 & 50 to be upbuilt--locals fret over growth
512 Schwartzman Friendship Heights Condo Stirs Not-So-Genteel debate--re increasing density along Wisconsin Ave
512 Staff 12-mos Frederick Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up 2% to 3988, median unit price up 8% to $332K
512 Straight Steady Hand at Helm--local mgmt brings stability in Tysons View, Falls Church (1BR@766sqft=$1025)
514 Kennicott Essay DC Needs to Capitalize on its City-Like Qualities--a capital that needs to think like a city: now too passive
515 Wiggins National Harbor Stakes a Claim--want to be part of 'Fort Washington", not lower prestige 'Oxon Hill'
516 Weiss It's Official: Area's Drivers Among Rudest in US--5th after Miami,New York, Boston, and Los Angeles
516 Schwartzman Mayor's Office Frowns on Council's Plan for Single Development Agency--merging AWI and NCRC
518 Aizenman DC May Be Losing Status as Majority-Black City--blacks down from 60% to 55% in six years: all others up
518 Spivack Growth Control Steps Advance--Montgomery County Planning Bd OK's higher builder fees, home sales
518 Pearlstein DC Economic Development Belongs Under One Agency--run by Mayor, to streamline, accelerate growth
519 Staff 12-mos Fairfax Cnty real estate trends: unit sales off 39% to 12935, median unit price off 1% to $525K
519 Gebhardt Friendly Giant--Bethesda's Westwood Tower gets high praise for service (1BR@???)
520 Downey Proposed Arlington High-rises Imperil Aircraft Reagan National, Says FAA--Crystal City, Rosslyn, etc.
525 PearlsteinOpEd Water Taxi! Water Taxi!--sees water routes as major opportunity--now being fueled by Nat'l Harbor
526 Staff 12-mos Pr. William Cnty real estate trends: unit sales off 40% to 11151, median unit price up 3% to $410K
526 Lewis There's Nothing Sacred About Building Height Limit--time to look again at removing false limits selectively
526 Straight Window on World--new Reston high-rise luxurious hub of activity (1BR@702sqft=$1600+$50 for 2nd prkg)
528 Heath DC Chamber of Commerce Worries about How Welcoming Council is to Business--not looking long-term!
601 Turque Tysons Tunnel Buried, Again--setback for coalition lobbying for underground route: can't assure funding
601 Nakamura 'North of Mass Ave' (NoMA) business improvement district (BID) created: hotels, offices, retail, 1500 apts
602 Staff 12-mos Loudoun Cnty real estate trends: unit sales down 45% to 6015, median unit price even at $535K
602 Straight Quiet Inside, Lively Outside, Jefferson at Fair Oaks offers moderate prices (1BR@600sqft=$1150+$150 prkg)
603 Luebke ltr Going Up? Rosslyn's high-rise project should respect L'Enfant's plan--heed symbolic impact on whole region
606 Woodlee DC Council Passes Amended Bill on Nude Clubs--only 2 of 6 displaced clubs to be in any one Ward
609 Staff 12-mos Arlington real estate trends: unit sales off 50% to 1701, median unit price off 1% to $565K
609 Straight Growing Close to Nature--GMU students, long timers like Avalon in Fairfax (1BR@810sqft=$1300, prkg free)
609 Staff 12-mos Alexandria real estate trends: unit sales off 29% to 1087, median unit price up 2% to $599K
611 Lengel Building Begins for Capitol Yards in Southeast DC--$90M, 13-story tower w/237 lux apts coming @ 909 NJ Ave
611 Heath/Huslin All Eyes on Horizon--big upgrades coming to DC hotels, while Gaylord Resort threatens from Nat'l Harbor
613 Helderman National Harbor Seeks More Public Cash--PG County will consider adding public funds--floating bonds
614 Dupree Plans Revised for Recasting Concrete Plant Site--Florida Rock back with new plans right south of ballpark
616 Staff 12-mos DC real estate trends: unit sales up 16% to 3300, median unit price up 10% to $450K
616 Straight Undercurrents of Elegance--Fairfax Square complex up-to-date (1BR@690sqft=$1115, prkg free)
617 Holley Tussle Over St. Elizabeths--preservationists set sights on what could be HQ for Dept Homeland Security
619 Gardner Fairfax Bd of Supervisors Votes for Overhead Metro Link to Dulles--can't get Feds to see the light
620 Schwartzman NY Developer Joins Project to Revamp Capital City Market--Apollo Advisors to lead effort for new 'town'
621 Staff 12-mos regional condo sale trends: unit sales off 8% to 19,484, median unit price up 1% to $285K
621 Staff 12-mos DC condo sale trends: unit sales off 6% to 1867, median unit price off 4% to $355K
621 Staff 12-mos Pr. George's Cnty condo sale trends: unit sales up 42% to 2937, median unit price up 34% to $195K
621 Staff 12-mos Montgomery Cnty condo sale trends: unit sales up 37% to 4231, median unit price up 18% to $295K
623 Lewis Shaping City--Fairfax County's Metro Mistake Looms over Tysons Corner--shortsighted, $ should be regional
623 Straight On Top of World--Fairfax Towers at Tysons has 14 floors of views (1BR@650sqft=$1400: surface prkg free)
625 Mui Road to Retail Makeover--DC hopes to revive 40-block shopping area thru H St, NE, W-anchor at rail yard...
625   ....3M sqft mixed use over tracks, 400K sqft along 40 blocks, new pub library, $27M in streetscaping; trolleys?
628 Dupree Groundbreaking Celebrates Old/New--'Capitol Quarter' to transform Arthur Capper/Carrollsburg pub housing
628 Schwartzman Condemning Church Properties--20-yr campaign grows to get Shiloh Baptist's dilapidated buildings repaired
630 Staff 3-mos Montgomery Cnty real estate trends: unit sales off 5% to 2413, median unit price up 7% to $480K
630 Straight Urban Village--Camden Fairfax Corner blends shops, food, entertainment (1BR@650sqft=$1310+1 free prkg)
707 Hart Fairfax Landmark Reinvented--luxury renovations come to Skyline Towers (1BR@960sqft=$1215 +$25 prkg)
707 Staff 3-mos Pr. George's Cnty real estate trends: unit sales off 23% to 3177, median unit price up 6% to $345.5K
709 Otto Low-Rent Program Predicts Losses--rising land values diminish appeal of Section 8 contracts
709 Lengel Nonprofits Grab Office Condos in DC--pay fee, own space, like residential condos in office buildings
710 Gowen DC Region's Volunteer Ethic Stronger than US Average--DC=32%, v US=28%, VA=28.5%, MD=29.5%
713 Weiss NoVA Transportation Authority Approves Tax, Fee Increases to Raise Funds--to raise $300M annually
714 Howell Classic Uptown Living--DC's Chesapeake blends 20/21st C look/comfort (1BR@750sqft=1525, $115-160 prkg)
714 Staff 3-mos Howard Cnty real estate trends: unit sales off 20% to 792, median unit price off 6% to $385K
719 Johnason In Anacostia, Giving New Life to Worn Historic Area--DC grants $300K for home renovations ($35K max each)
720 Pearlstein The Unaffordable House We All Live In--gotta find regional solutions to housing problems, not DC ones
720 Schwartzman Feeling the Pinch of DC's Prosperity--small businesses cry out for relief from rapid rise in property taxes
721 Donovan Laurel Spring House Complex Combines Close-Knit with Not-Too-Close (1BR@703sqft=$125+$35 prkg)
721 Staff 3-mos Anne Arundel Cnty real estate trends: unit sales off 22% to 1563, median unit price up 4% to $335K
725 Sherwood Fenty...How Sweet It Is....Mayor has unprecedented control of all major development programs NCRC,AWI, etc.
726 Rucker Shifting Migration Patterns Alter Portrait of Pr. George's--becoming 'path to middle class': DC gets poorest
727 Nakamura Barry Feels 'Betrayal' in Poplar Point Stadium Plans--activists want Fenty to resume site talks w/ DC United
728 Staff 3-mos Charles Cnty real estate trends: unit sales off 34% to 501, median unit price even at $327K
728 Beizer No-Frills Apartments at Park Place bring renters close to Meridian Hill (1BR@710sqft=$1145+$125 prkg)
804 Editor Competition for Poplar Point--Mayor right to push range of proposals for choice Anacostia river front parcel
804 Sternstein Pool/Promise/Proximity at updated Parc Vista complex stands out (1BR@550sqft=$1670: prkg 1=$90;2+=$110)
804 Staff 3-mos Calvert County real estate trends: unit sales off 19% to 233, median unit price up 6% to $333K
809 Aizenman Face of Local Metro Area Counties Shifts with Surge in Minorities--6 in top US 25 in minority growth (9-18%)
811 Staff 3-mos Frederick Cnty real estate trends: unit sales off 23% to 758, median unit price even at $330K
811 Howell Renovated Rosslyn Complex, 'Park Georgetown', pushes greenness (1BR@620sqft=$1450+free, open prkg)
812 Birkmeier ltr Will Fenty Drop Ball in Ward 8?--prized Poplar Point site needs anchor like stadium, not just condos, offices
816 Crutsinger Existing-Home Sales Slip Nationwide as Prices Slide--median cost in DC increases slightly, as elsewhere
818 Staff 3-mos Fairfax Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up 22% to 2758, median unit price down 5% to $500K
818 Ruben Montgomery County's 'Decoverly' boasts two pools, pond views (1BR@670sqft=$1250+pvt prkg@$150)
820 Lazo Office Space Trends: More Vacancies but Higher Rent--premium bldg demand drives up prices: DC@8.2%
820 Sun Envisioning City Life Along the Rivers--developers pour billions into revivals along Potomac and Anacostia
824 Wiggins National Harbor Grants Go to Nonprofits--state probe continues of $700K to 108 separate groups
825 Staff 3-mos Pr. William Cnty real estate trends: unit sales down 49% to 1863, median unit price off 5% to $405K
825 Straight Opening Doors in Arlington--Courthouse Crossings Affordable not Bare-bones (1BR@585sqft=$630+prkg=$25)
826 Editor Transportation Catch-up--MD Governor O'Malley picks two fiscal fights: looming deficit meets unmet needs
829 Gardner NVA Transit Authority May Impose Taxes, County Circuit Court Judge Rules--localities pay, not state
901 Staff 3-mos Loudoun Cnty real estate trends: unit sales off 27 to 1357, median unit price off 16% to $488.9K
901 Castenada From Disrepair to Desirable on Capitol Hill--neglected building renovated (1BR@423sqft=$885, free prkg)
902 Aizenman Median Income Soaring in 'Egghead Capital'--knowledge economy pushes all ethnicities near US top....
902 Aizenman (Cont) ...but stark racial realties remain: DC near bottom for Blacks, Hispanics, Asians--6th of 17 for whites!
905 Milloy OpEd Help for the Poor Could Solve Many DC Problems--high tech, ec development second to relieving poverty (!)
908 Staff 3-mos Arlington Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up 6% to 374, median unit price off 5% to $545K
908 Stegal Quiet Spaces, High Places--Ashby in McLean praised for secluded areas (1BR@780sqft=$1460+$125 prkg)
908 Staff 3-mos Alexandria City real estate trends: unit sales up 150% to 306, median unit price off 11% to $547.5K
910 Brulliard Virginia HOT Lane Project to Start Early Next Year--beltway upgrades aim to ease commutes, Tysons access
912 Pearlstein OpEd A Bad Idea's Slow but Merciful Death--1400-room Marriott hotel at Convention Center: smaller hotels better
912 Aizenman Area Leads Nation in Putting Off Retirement--Census also finds major language problems for many immigrants
913 Nakamura Fenty Fishing for Partner in 110-acre Poplar Point Development--morning cruise on tour boat seeks options
915 Staff 6-mos DC real estate trends: unit sales off 27% to 649, median unit price up 6% to $430K
915 Festa Congress's House--Hill House residents walk to work at Capitol (1BR@715sqft=$1750+$175 prkg)
919 Mummolo A Ranking Writ in Brake Lights: DC 2nd in Traffic--area nudges up list as drivers spend 60 hrs/yr in jams
921 Helderman National Harbor Hits Snag Over Alcohol License--liquor board wants higher price: to be resolved by opening
922 Staff 3-mos Area condo sales: unit sales off 6% to 4310, unit price even at $280K DC off 47 to 208 at $330K of 9%
922 Vogel US Dept of Interior Assails Ft. Meade Plan--impact report cites concerns about traffic and environment
922 Howell Greens and Scenes; Wisconsin House offers roof garden big view (1BR@xxxsqft=$1100+$125 prkg)
922 Cho $8 Billion Buyout of DC Firm (Harman II) Collapses--biggest deal to end since credit crisis
922 Lazo Marriott Agrees to Smaller Hotel at Convention Center (1150 v 1400 rooms(!))--project back on track
924 Mui Bloomingdale's Readies for Friendship Heights--major store to anchor DC area's "Fifth Avenue"
925 Rucker MD Officials Plan to Expand MARC as Region Grows--NVA service, greater capacity, expanded peak service
925 Schwartzman Raised Roof lines Raise Eyebrows--preservationists aghast at adding top floor to 95-yr old row houses
929 Staff 6-mos Arlington Cnty real estate trends: unit sales up 2% to 942, median unit price off 2% to $567K
929 Siegal No Frills, No Problem--friendly attentive staff helps at Woods at Potomac Mills(1BR@760sqft=$915, free prkg)
929 Staff 6-mos Alexandria City estate trends: unit sales off 8% to 522, median unit price off 12% to $553K
930 Sun Conflux of Events Paralyses Roads into DC--trialthon, book festival, antiwar demonstration wreak havoc
1001 Lazo In Columbia Heights, $150M DCUSA (Big Box) Project Reserves 15K sqft Ground Floor Room for Little Guys
1001 Kang High-Tech Prince William Hub Still Work in Progress:Innovation Park adds 2K jobs, but Eli Lilly departs
1004 Schwartzman Mayor Leads Chorus of Praise for' the Yards'--5.2M sqft waterfront development kicks off next to Navy Yard
1004 Nakamura Spreading Development Roots Across Region--Poplar Point bidder sees potential where others see blight
1004 Kang Area Jobless Rate is Lowest in US--employers face tightening labor market: robust 5-yr expansion shown
1006 Straight Lakeside Apts in Centerville provides farm landmark with lake, old silo (1BR@725sqft=$1300+$50 prkg)
1006 Staff 6-mos Montgomery Cnty real estate trends: unit sales off 19% to 4967, median unit price up 5% to $486.5K
1007 Floreen ltr Funding Bridge We Must Cross Now--need federal gas tax to fund badly needed infrastructure upgrades
1008 Lazo Credit Crunch Pinches Area Office Sales--DC vacancy rates at 7.7% well below VA at 11.0%, MD at 11.4%
1013 Staff 6-mos Pr. George's real estate trends: unit sales off 30% to 5633, median unit price up 4% to $345K
1013 Spivavk Connector Roadwork Accord Is Reached--preliminary pact permits building until court ruling
1013 Straight New Look for Old Standby:"Gates of Ballston'--renovation/subsidized rents (1BR=610sqft=$1020, free prkg)
1014 Sheridan Scouting New Home for Homeland Security--project could provide run-down St. Elizabeths site a facelift
1014 Thomson Get Your HOT Lanes Here--two private firms partner with VDoT for 14-mile, $1.7B project, start early '08
1017 Nakamura MD Comes Courting in DC United's Stadium Search--State comptroller meets with team executives
1019 Vogel More Funds Urged for Roads as Bethesda Naval Hospital Expands--officals say traffic will worsen otherwise
1020 Gebhardt Former Dorm All Grown Up--stylish Park Bethesda opens to public (1BR@700sqft=$1950+$85prkg outside)
1020 Staff 6-mos Frederick Cnty real estate trends: unit sales off 30% to 1499, median unit price off 2% to $324.9K
1021 Nakamura Ward 8 Residents Urge Mayor to Build Soccer Stadium at Poplar Point--others want "best use"
1024 Moreno As Economy Booms, Poverty Rate Grows--city's poorest left behind by renewal says FPI, noting racial gaps
1029 Huslin Hospitality Suite--Gaylord Entertainments seeks to attract conventions down the river from DC: Nat'l Harbor!
1031 Milloy OpEd Statistical Portrait Puts Black America in Hopeful Light--teens lower pregnancy, drug use, drop outs, disease
1102 Lazo DC Land Deal Clears Way for 1150-room Convention Center Hotel--owner Gould swaps 60Ksqft parcels
1102 Lazo After Delays, Ground Breaks on Waterside Mall Project--to add 1.2Msqft each for office, condo,+ 110K retail
1103 Irwin Strong National Job Growth Offsets Housing's Drag on Economy--healthy labor market may be good sign
1103 Downey Rosslyn High-rise Gets FAA Go-Ahead--31-story skyscraper no threat to Reagan National traffic
1103 Nakamura Seven Developers Submit Plans for Anacostia Waterfront's Poplar Point--two include soccer stadium
1104 Nakamura Some in Ward 8 Say Area Low on Fenty's List--Fenty not keeping promise not to forget DC's poorest ward?
1109 Pearlstein Broader View of Home-Field Advantage--National Harbor threatens DC convention center, hospitality fees
1112 Lazo Dulles Corridor Growth Slows--growth spurt stalls along with real estate trends: now 53.2M sqft; 7.7M vacant
1113 Fahrenthold River Recovery Deemed at Risk--Non-profit Potomac Conservancy sez pollution cleanup may have stalled
1113 Fletcher Middle-class Dream Eludes African-American Families--study sez many blacks worse off than their parents
1114 Spivak Stricter Policy on Growth Approved in Montgomery County--increases taxes on builders, sets greener goals
1122 Howley Home Prices Rise 1.3% in DC Area, Fall in One-Third of US Cities--(data bases, comparisons unclear !)
1123 Robinson OpEd Tattered Dream--who'll tackle issue of upward mobility: Pew study shows many families' kids don't earn more
1126 Achenbach That's Rich -- But Maybe Not for Someone Else--issue of defining who's really rich can affect political debate
1126 Lazo Taller Buildings, Higher Standards--Tower Cos. led eco-friendly approach: "green" is becoming desirable
1129 Schwartzman Downtown BID says 140 blocks Enjoys Renaissance-- +60K jobs in 10 yrs, yield $624M taxes; $75K avg pay
1129 Lengel Middle Class Can't Afford Most DC Area Homes--sez new Fannie Mae report on Housing National Capital-'07
1129 Kang Local Unemployment Rises as Economy Slows--metro area up from 2.9 to 3.1%, while nationwide hits 4.7%
1130 Helderman Pr. George's Gives Liquor License to Gaylord National (Harbor) Resort & Convention Center, as fought for
1201 Schwartzman Signs of Change Line the Shelves--Giant supermarket arrives in reviving Ward 8 on Alabama Ave
1201 Staff 6-mos Pr. William Cnty real estate trends: unit sales off 44% to 3740, median unit price off 3% to $404K
1208 Staff New Crystal City Building Shows Off Sleek Design, Rooftop Deck (1BR@667sqft=$1845+$75,$100per mo)
1208 Staff 6-mos Loudoun Cnty real estate trends: unit sales off 31% to 2032, median unit price up 14% to $487K
1209 Moreno Holding Their Ground In Columbia Heights---group of poor Latinos buys apartment house, make success
1210 Marimow Bethesda Naval Hospital Patients to Double--move from Walter Reed may worsen traffic, add $70M to roads
1213 Nakamura Visions of Vibrancy--4 designs for Anacostia's Poplar Pt: 2.4>4.8Msqft, res, 0.2>2Msqft,office, 0.4>1Msqft, retail
1213 Rein MARC Plans to Add Trains During Rush Hours, at Night--DC-Baltimore line changes are first expansion step
1214 Zumbrun Partnership Chosen for Mixed-Income Redev.--replace Sursum Corda, Temple Courts @NYAve,NCapSt
1216 Vogel Costly Shuffle--BRAC moves to Ft. Belvoir, Ft. Meade will shift gridlock zones with jobs--big costs
1229 Downey With OK of FAA, a Final Tower Is Set for Rosslyn, VA--30 story bldg at 1812 Moore St will have pyramidal top




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